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    Can anyone tell me the difference between a CP 1900 and a CP 1930 ?
  2. CP 1900 - Built by Alsthom/Sorefame, especially for the transportation of large goods trains. They are used especially in the transport of coal (in double traction), cereals, cement and some other things. They are different from the CP-1930, especially built for the passengers service, in one major point. The 1900, usually have Atlas couplings, and no buffers. The 1930s, however, have buffers and the regular hook coupling.

    However, to turn this locomotive in an universal locomotive for all types of goods, some of the 1900's were equiped with buffers (longer than the 1930's)... I'll try posting both versions here... I'll place, first a 1900, with no buffers and the Atlas coupling (photo by my friend Sérgio Santos)...

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  3. Now, to compare, a 1930, with buffers and normal couplings (another photo from Sérgio)...

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