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    This past weekend, I had the bi-annual opportunity to do a husbands away from the wives visit with some friends in Portland, Oregon.

    While not on the agenda, I did get some time on Saturday to do some railfanning in/around the area on a more detailed basis than I have in the past.

    Question - seeing as I "discovered" the Portland and Western Railroad and the Port of Tillmook Bay Railroad, I am now wondering what (if any) is the best on-line source of information for both of these shortlines? What I am looking for is information on the SD9's and Geep 7' and 9's that are on this line as well as some historical photographs and personal perspectives of days gone by.
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    While not online, perhaps the best sources for information on the POTB as well as most of the lines that the P&W operate on are as follows:

    1. The Southern Pacific in Oregon, a book by Ed Austin and Tom Dill. Published about 1990, contains very detailed information and lots of photos of every part of track the SP operated in Oregon outside of the Cascade line south of Klamath Falls and the Lakeview branch (they refer you to John Signor's Rails in the Shadow of Mount Shasta, recently revised and re-released as SP's Shasta Division, for info on those lines).

    2. Catenary Video has/had a two part video on the SP's Shasta Division. One of the volumes had footage on the Tillamook branch.

    3. Backwoods Railroads, Branchlines and Shortlines of Western Oregon by D.C. Jesse Burkhardt, published by Washington University Press about 1994.

    Like I said these are not on-line resources, but they will give you everything you are looking for.

    And I second the recommendations to check out the two POTB sites. There are a couple Willamette & Pacific/Portland & Western railroad sites out there, but I don't know their addresses off the top of my head.

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