Porters armored 10 gun sloop

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    1. Model Subject: J.L. Porter's concept ship, 10 gun ironclad sloop
    2. Scale is 1/250 scale waterline
    3. C.T.'s Paperclads series number 29
    4. C.T. Ertz
    5. Unpublished now, will be available through www.ecardmodels.com
    6. It is a PDf and is unlocked.

    Description and historic notes from cover page.
    I put in a thumbnail of the cover page for those who are interested. in short, this was a large river gunboat designed to take advantage of the available side paddle wheel engines then available. do to the problems of casting and machining the connecting gear needed to convert the engine machinery, this ship was never actually built. Most of my reaserch material came from researcher John Wallis.

    Directions and diagrams.
    The PDF is 8 pages, containing a cover page, a parts listing, two construction diagram pages, a page listing the other models in the series, and 3 pages of card stock parts. The directions are simple diagrams.

    the parts are colored well and I hope do a good job of representing what the decks and armor of a home built southern ironclad would look like. It is probable that the decks would have been wood, not armor, and the whole ship would have been built of unseasoned wood, I made the decks a weathered pine color. deck planks are aprox. 1 foot wide by 20 feet long. under each gun port I stained the rae wood with powder residue, as this would have been extremly hard to get rid of once it settled into the untreated wood. the armor, made of 10 inch wide bars, is also stained around the gun ports, although the builder may wish to add some rust at the waterline. All cast iron parts are charcoal black.

    I built a test build of this ship, but I also talked Greg Perry into doing one as well. The model has a number of options, including a cut a way version showing the full gun deck. I built mine with the casemate solid, and skipped the details of the gun deck. Greg built the cut a way version, and did a great job showing the inner lay out of the guns and pilot house. He sugested a few modifications to the egg carton style framework to achieve a better fit, and this was done. Otherwise, the parts fit pretty well. I added the anchors and davits, along with thread railing to mine, while Greg left his decks stripped for action. Although this ship includes a lot of options, there are many other options a guy could do. Ironclads of the period were ripe with deck clutter when not in action. Deck awnings, boxes, rope and chains are all items that one may wish to add.

    I wish to thank Greg Perry for his work, and I also wish to thank John Wallis for bringing this ship to my attention.

    The model download will soon be available at www.ecardmodels.com

    Thank you.
    CT Ertz

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    I think this is one of your best looking designs so far. Just wished my building desk wasn't covered by 5 feet of stuff so I could build one. My modeling room looks like something you would see on those hording shows on T.V. Keep on the good work, you're bound to run out of ironclad designs one day :thumb:
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    Thanks Knife. No worries about running out just yet. I also have a large number of wooden CSN ships am working on as well as many Union ironclads and wooden ships. I also have some interest in some overseas ships of the period as well. So I will be busy for a while!
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    You have so many cool models, this one has a certain quality to it, maybe it 's the graphics, but it is excellent.
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    Thanks. I am having having fun with these.

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