Poetry in motion?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Badotz, May 16, 2006.

  1. abutt

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    You're a railroader at heart...

    Badotz...We'll try and convert you. But at this point, maybe I can do something you can't do, but you sure as hell can do something I wouldn't even dare try.

    I'm a retired graphic designer, and I suppose if I were thirty years younger I could figure out web design and really enjoy it.

    I grew up with trains, long before thruways were invented, and trucks couldn't hold a candle to a string of freight cars. Now we create the past and are masters of our universe.

    Welcome aboard,

  2. jim currie

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    neat poem Badots brought back memories of youth lived on a farm in NW PA the tracks ran behind the farm about a 1/4 mile remember laying in bed at night suddnly the peepers in the swamp that the tracks ran through would fall silent then i would hear the train blowing for 6 mile crossing:) the other is kinda sad:( one summer(1955) i was going to get the cows for milking seen a train that was headed by a steamer coming so i sat and waited for it to get there.all of sudden i relised that it was like a Judis goat leading a string of rusting groaning behemoth's doing a slow dance of death on the way to the steel mills in pittsburg .and probably the loco in the lead was making its last trip also.:(
  3. Badotz

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    "Come, Gather 'Round, People..."

    "...for the times, they are a-changin." If there was no "progress", then we would have no fond memories, eh? I had a garden plot when I was in college, and didn't realize there were RR tracks behind it. One morning, I was out cultivating and a steam loco passed by - no cars, just a tender and caboose. The engineer blew the whistle as he slowly chugged out of sight. I just stood and stared in wonder...

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