Plans for custom built structures

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    The only drawings I use are the ones I have drawn up on the computer for my scrtuctures, and these are just the outline of the structure to be built, nothing fancy.

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    Re: Great Site for building plans

    Awesome site!! Lots of good stuff!!

    Welcome aboard & thanks!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Great Site for building plans

    Hi people

    I tried this link but get a refused messagebox. Is it still valid?

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    Re: Re: Great Site for building plans

    Welcome aboard racedirector.... It must be temporarily down. It worked last week :)

    btw - what kind of races??? :)
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    Re: Re: Re: Great Site for building plans

    Thanks Mikey for the info and the welcome.

    Ah, racedirector. That comes from a dirt speedway forum I own and run. Thought it appropriate for the setting :)

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    Dover publications have several books about Architecture.

    You can order the catalog from the website. It lists over 200 books, most have floor plans and photos of buildings. Also most books are between $9.00US and $20.00US

    One covers bridges, another about railroad stations, several about homes in the various eras. For example Turn-Of-The-Century Houses - "118 floor plans and line drawings" for $10.95US

    Well worth a look.
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    I had thought of getting HO plans and just reprinting them to the correct size. Using Corel Draw, I can resize them to be accurate.

    The "print them out on card stock and assemble as mockups" is a great idea.
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    I could go for it, I model in N-Scale and like Shamus do it on the puter with little detail. That can be left to the individual. But I do have a few plans. :thumb: :wave:
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    I found these while looking around on the net today while the kids were testing...ok ok and a little during class,lol. They are pics and schematics of a coal tipple. Got some more of these things if anyone is interested I can post them also.


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    The goodies

    Here are the schematics for it [​IMG] I think it might be my first attempt at scratch building.

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    These plans are great. I'm just getting into scratchbuilding and am "hungry" for plans. The more the better. Wish I could get a hold of some of the plans from the book about easy buildings. I think it's out of print. I've been in the process for about 2-3 weeks making a simple gas station, but I can't get the walls to line up right, they're not 90 degrees. The plans above should be put in the archieves area. Anyway, just keep the plans and drawings coming.

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    Sorry for jumping in this kinda late. I've been using QuickCAD for structure drawings for several years. The latest project I'm working on is for a scene on the club layout. It has a church (kit built) and a few houses that are to look like they were built about the same time.

    I did a search for "house plans" and found a ton of sites. I don't remember which one I used, but I was looking for small one and two story houses. I used these for ideas about my design. I have a file I've built of Tichy and Grandt Line windows and doors. It's simply a click and drag drill to place them on the drawing. Once you get over the steep learning curve, CAD is a great model-railroading tool.

    Here's a scan one of the houses that I drew.

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  14. James Schultz

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    Hi All:

    Sounds interesting

    Karl S
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    Hello Karl - Welcome aboard. Feel free to jump in anytime.

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