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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by StuMit, Jun 4, 2010.

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    I'm looking for some help in degining a new layout in HO Scale. The size I have is 12' x 6 ' 18" narrow shelf. Whay I'm looking for is a bacilly a heap of switching but with room for building , roads and sceny.
    I could make the shelf 24" so more can be added.
    I would also like an interchange with som hiden statging.

    Locos and rolling stock will be switcher and GP7/9. Boxcars, tankers, gons and flats with the biggest being 50" boxcars and 54" gons.

    If you can help I would be very happy as after 40 years I modleing I have layout burnout but need a new layout as I'm fished with english trains.

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    layout ideas

    Have you gone on the website and tryed the data base? It has a good number of ideas to choose from. See below for some ideas. I'm sure there will have to be a fair amount of tweeking but the ideas are there.

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