Pikestuff building size question

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Kevinkrey, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. Kevinkrey

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    I am hoping somebody could tell me how far apart the doors are on Pikestuffs two bay engine house. I dont have one yet but want to lay the track.

  2. galt904

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    I think you cut the door openings yourself to suit whatever spacing you choose....

    Been a while since I bought new Pikestuff...
  3. Kevin, I have the building you speak of on my layout. The prescribed lines that Pikestuff has inside the structure are a fuzz ( and I mean fuzz ) less than 2 1/2 " track center to center or on my scale ruler a little over 18' in HO scale. Joe :thumb:

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  4. Kevinkrey

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    Thanks Straight-track. So there is is 2 1/2 inches from center to center?

    Whats with the missabe locos, is that first one an SDM? I am modeling the DMIR, (look at my signature). What RR are you modeling, and HMMMM....., who is that switcher lettered for?

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