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  1. stuart_canada

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    most of the locomotives are blue box athearn units some expections

    picture 1

    P2K SW 1200
    Athearns SW 1200

    Picture 2

    All Athearns Geep 7s or 9s

    Picture 3

    Atlas kit bashed Gp 40-2L

    Picture 4

    Clean SD 40-2 model maker unknown, made in Yugo, anyone able to help ID maker let me know
    Weathered unit is Athearn

    Picture 5

    Kit bashed Athearn Train master number 3000 only one CNR had of that model
    Stewart RS 3
    Athearn Geep 9

    Picture 6

    Athearn GP 35
    Athearn F unit

    Picture 7

    Bachmann Plus Sd 45
    Athearn GP 50
    Kato Sd70mac
    Athearn Dash-9

    Picture 8

    Athearn Dash 9
    Athearn DD 40 ( DD 35 dual motor )

    Picture 9

    Athearn SW 900
    Bachmann Spectrum GP ( 1 of 2 CP had , only Canadian company toown that model)
    Athearn SD 40-2

    Picture 10
    Athearn GP 40
    Athearn SD 40-2T

    Picture 11

    Kato/ Atlas GP 7
    Kato Sd 70Mac

    Picture 12
    Athearn GP 30 ( early model)
    Bachmann Spectrum Dash8-40CW ( actually leasing units leased by CN, I was in the LMS 728 unit while I lived in Iowa) First uni is right out of the box, second unit is detailed by previous owner

    Not pictured
    Amtrak P42
    AHM SD 40 ( with fly wheels) Western Maryland
    GP 40 Soo Line ( single fly wheel)
    S1 ICRR
    Bachmann Funit of various road names
    Gp 30 older style with metal frame and middle mounted motor, very rough running loud beast
    Gp 40 CN newer version, pancake motor
    Life Like F units, various road names,
    think in total 5 f units
    Bachmann b-37
    Model power alco 630
    some other units not worth metioning lol
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    here are the pictures

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  3. stuart_canada

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    rest of pictures

    here is almost everything i use on normal basis in the pictures

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  4. Herc Driver

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    Nice looking diesel power!
  5. stuart_canada

    stuart_canada Member

    so what model of the herc do you fly? ex canadian army here....the herc the truck of the sky
  6. I see that DD35 again. Usual runners eh? Good choice!

    Those can pull about 100 cars (I tested!).
  7. coachC

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    What locos/parts did you use to kitbash the GP40-2L ??
  8. stuart_canada

    stuart_canada Member

    i would hate to say i built them i picked them up a couple shows for like hate to say , the unit on the right was 15 and the one of the left was 12 dollars. i could of 3rd model at the show for another 12 bucks but instead i picked up the 2 sd 40-2 for 27 total
    i wish i had the skill to do a kit bash, working my way up to it now
  9. stuart_canada

    stuart_canada Member

    most that my dd has ever pulled is 2 cars, makes a lousy road switcher

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