pictures from the WPM meet, La Habra CA.

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    I actually got to make it out to the Western Prototype Modelers meet in La Habra, California on sunday. it was well worth the trip. there were over 700 models and over 100 people showed up ( and only 1 whined about me taking up 6 parking spots with my truck[:D])

    so, here are the pictures i took before my camera battery went dead (yeah, i know...always carry a spare[:D]) and, being the moron that i am, i didnt make a note of whose models i took pictures of[:O][:D].

    Aberdeen & Rockfish and Central California Traction Geeps. my personal opinion, but, i think these had the best paint and decal job out of all the models there.



    some very nice CN and GT models

    [​IMG] cn 6017.JPG cn gt models.JPG

    excellent weathering job on these containers


    i have to get me some A/C units like the one on this D&RGW GP60 drgw gp60 ac.JPG

    very nice MDKX boxcar. i think it was the one they did an article on in MR. just one of many beautiful freight cars by the same person.


    some nice MRL locos and freight cars mrl collection.JPG

    an interesting story behind these PC units. they are all old Athearn, Tyco, and Atlas units that most people consider junk. just look what some details, paint and decals can do!


    very nice SP GP40P-2. i think there were at least 2 others under construction there. sp gp40p-2.JPG

    this SP GP40X was, in my opinion, probibly the best overall model there.


    some very nice N scale SP units. the detail on that switcher is awesome. just wish i got a better picture of it. sp n scale.JPG

    one of the many beautiful SP SD39's at the show. cant wait to get started on mine! sp sd39 5305.JPG

    the SD45X is coming along very nicely sp sd45x.JPG

    here is a SDP45 (SD40M-2) wow! sp sdp45 sd40m-2.JPG

    here are a couple of UP units by the same guy. i never got a chance to ask him how he did the weathering. i love how it highlights the doors.

    C30-7 up c30-7.JPG

    C36-7 up c36-7.JPG

    some excellent detailed and weathered freight cars.


    and last but not least, a group of Western Pacific units. wp collection.JPG
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    Great Photo's. :thumb: Thanks for sharing. :wave:
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    I think the Penn Central fleet was by a fellow club member Jim Fuhrman.
  4. TomPM

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    Nice photos! SOme great models on display!
  5. Matthyro

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    A great collection of photos. Some of the weathering is awesome. An interesting show by the looks of it.
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    Cool photos Trainworm! Thanks for posting. I like your sig too!

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    Fabulous :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :wave:

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