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    X107 Shunter parked at the end of Albury platform in the Freightcorp livery of the NSW government owned rail freight owned corporation.


    Freight Australia X class X52 heads a cememt freight departing Albury/Wodonga marshalling yards.


    A Y Class chugs past doing shunting operations in Wodonga (Victoria). It is in "original" condition with the V/Line livery. It has 2 liveries to catch up to current livery. The blue/maroon of V/Line and green/gold of Freight Australia. These locos were originally in the blue/yellow livery of the Victorian Raliways. (refer Garahbara)


    Z classification cars for freight are still in use today. You will see these on Garahbara (however weathering "new" cars to this condition could be difficult!!


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