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  1. Bill Nelson

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    As soon as the Surry parkers are done and photographed together (to prove that I was insane enough to build two) unit #1 gets installed in Terrapin, just below that spar tree, to skid logs from next to the big donkey, up to the landing and load them. I'm going to rig the two lines on the tower together through pullies , so when one line is pulled with a log or logs, the other will be return from the loader back to the logs

    On the locomotive front I have a mantua 2-6-6-2 that I'm trying to get to run well enough to use at the club. Out of the box it had extremely poor electical pick up. I've made some improvements, but at the cost of tractive effort. I need to go back to the drawing board. I've decieded it was a waste of precious modeling funds , after buying a sound decoder (MRC sheer brilliace- which sounds no where as good as QSI sound , and time spent on modificatiions I'm still not pleased with; for a few more dollars I could have gotten another proto 2000 USRA 0-6-0, that looks sounds and runs better without tweeking. oh well live and learn, or in my case just live.

    I also have a Bachman GE 70 tonner which when my wheels from NWSL get here I'm going to convert to HON3 following an article in last july's MRC. It is going to go to the club, and the MDC 2-8-0 that has been living there can come back home to Iorn Mountain. I also have an HON3 outside frame 2-6-2T that I'm trying to get a centering spring on the trailing truck. I have solved some electical and mechanical problems in this locomotive, and If I can keep it from derailing when backing up through switches, it will be reliable for the first time ever (it's over 30 years old, and is on it's 4th known owner).

    At the club I'm getting ready to start glueing ties at the sawmill complex, getting ready to handlay track, and give lessons to anyone inclined to learn that arcane art. the track there is pretty sinmple, with just four # 6 switches, but the siddings will extend way beyond the backdrop so that the car capacity will be huge. When we get done with the track Tom and I can start putting the mill together.

    At my home layout, I'm giving a lot of thought to working behind Harlow. I'd like to put a dock in for my steamboat. I have experimented with future floor wax on the river in Harlow. It looks really good, but like the acrylic gloss medium, I can't leave the riverboat on the river, or it sticks. I may have to add a layer of epoxey water on it so I can leave the waterlined steambout on the river. I like to move the boat around, and I'd like to build a waterline barge for it to fill with logs, I could park a log train in the middle of the city, and load log cars off of the barge. It is a shame I didn't plan for this when I designed Harlow, If I'd had a sidding along the river, I could easily transfer logs, lumber, coal and iron ore off of or into barges. too late now, Harlow is too tight and too crowned to add anything not already planned for.

    I do have a tannery planned above ther turntable area, and I have a lot of work I could do there. Over in Crooked creek, I sitll have a couple of code 55 rails I need to spike onto a siding to finish up the track there. I have some fine Keystone kits for a bandsaw, a sawmill carrage live rolls, cutt off saws, so I could assemble that machinery, and detail the inside of the Berghausen-Shoemaker sawmill. adding that machinery, would then be finnishing the roof (I need to add skylights, a filers loft , and lighting to show off the interior detailing.

    Also Hanging from the ceiling, on the fith level in Gegoukayoosa (Cherokee for bleeding nose) I have several narrow gauge switches to install and a turntable, so the narrow gauge trains leaving Stateline GA. / Ridgemont TN. will have somewhere to go. Once I get that set up, the narrow gauge can bring logs and iron ore down to Ridgemont.

    other unconected projects I have been thinking about building a samll stram tractor powered sawmill (don't know where I could put it). I have some On3 stuff I'd like to play with (a model of the 60th shay built, a tiny vertical boilererd 2 cylinfered unit) I have a Bachman On30 Climax, with DCC and sound I'd like to stretch to ON3.

    as for logging equipment, I found an unbuilt kit for a Rio Grande Models American Hoist and Derric log loader. it would ride on rails on the log cars similar to a Barnhart, except Beefier. I also have a bunch of old AHM truss rod flat cars to convert to log cars.

    Damn.... Nothin to do

    Bill Nelson
  2. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    SML rdy t pnt the othr sd.jpg SML painting  tiny  pieces.jpg SML rdy t pnt the othr sd.jpg painting tiny pieces

    I have shared with Y'all my trick of spray painting with flat black and red auto body primer to get that rusty look.

    Here is another trick from my paint shop. Have you ever gone to spray paint tiny pieces, and had the pressure from the nozzle blow your part away. I paint outside, so a part blown away may never be recovered, and unacceptable risk.

    I take a paper plate, and put blue masking tape on it, with the ends folded under so the sticky side is up, I stick the tiny pieces on the tape, and paint them. when the paint is dry, I do it over again, with new tape, as the paint ruins the stickiness .

    In the photo I'm painting a set of Rio Grande Models 24 inch pulleys for the tower of S-P #1 and a pair of scale shops (?) pulleys for unit #2

    Next I get to try to set up the towers. this will take some conjecture, the prototype photos I have of these don't show the pulleys up there in detail. It looks like there is a beam bolted on to the tower, and it also seems to be lashed, possibly with cable. the photo's are somewhat fuzzy and the area of interest is kind of whited out, without a lot of contrast. Going to photo's of models won't help me much as I've been able to find egregious errors in most of the models I have seen (there are egregious errors in my models as well, but I won't be listing them.)

    Bill Nelson
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  3. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    SML SP #2 boom work.jpg some work on #2's boom

    some work on #2's boom
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  4. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    SML amd SP's#1.jpg SML sps almst dn #2.jpg Been busy, almost done

    Unit #2's roof has tin on it, and is installed and has some dry brushed weathering. Unit #1 has had it's pulleys attached to the skidding tower, and rigged. Both units tower beams have been drilled, and had nut and bolt castings installed. Larger holes have been drilled for larger NBW castings to hold the tower beams on to the boom support frame.

    At his time, it is almost impossible to tell unit #1 from unit #2 from several feet away (there are some difference in the cable lashings at the top of the skidding towers). Both units need the NBW castings that will tie the skidding tower to the boom frame, ladders, wood piles, barrels, props to hold up the roof wings, and crews, unit #2 needs 4 turnbuckles, and holes drilled in the bottom of it's legs for brass locating pins. I'm very close to being done with this project . it is very possible that I will be able to get photographs of the two of them together at an adequate level of completion (nothing is ever done), so that unit #2 can go to the club Monday night.

    Bill Nelson

    Hey Tom! what happened to the citizens of Gravestone County? Iffins you still got em, we need to study them to see which ones will be well suited to crew unit #2. I'm figuring we need an engineer, his assistant, a fireman, a crew of four woodcutters to feed the boiler, a whistle punk, a three man loading crew, and a three or four man crew . As you well know Gorre County is underpopulated, while I'm extremely talented at painting figures, I have never painted near enough of them.
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  5. ytter_man

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    They look like they need to be hauled out to the woods and put to work :thumb:

  6. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    that is the plan

    I just need to get a few details attended to, and get them photographed together to send a picture to Bob Brown @ the Gazette, and then # 1 goes up to the log camp @ Terrapin Tn., and unit #2 goest to the club.
  7. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Hi Bill,

    Several of the little people are on a small diorama dedicated to the lasting memory of the C&S RR. Many more are in a box doing NOTHING. You are welcome to as many as can help. I will bring to CHOO CHOO club this Monday.

    Doc Tom :mrgreen:
  8. Hot Cinder

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    Thats a large agenda Bill. Once there planted show us the Loot.

  9. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    I never have a problem thinking of , or even starting projects. what is rare is anything getting finished!
  10. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    SML Surry  Parkers  adbltrs& woodpiles.jpg SML SP detail.jpg essentially done!

    I got those turnbuckles made for unit # 2 (about 4 months behind unit # 1). that was the last main thing. from here on out it is all decor, ladders , woodpiles, water coolers, lunch boxes ect.

    Man this has been one long project. It has been a stretch project, one which has made me learn new techniques, and do some steps over and over to reach the quality I desired. It has been fun. Building two, for some reason, made me less willing to make compromises.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    Bill Nelson
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  11. Mountain Man

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    Interesting presentation on one of these rigs on the current copy of NG&SLG, page 30.
  12. Sawdust

    Sawdust Member

    Scratch Built MOW Blacksmith Car

    MOW Blacksmith Car

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  13. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Very, very nice. I like the metal roof and the small coal bin.
    Doc Tom:21:
  14. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    A SML drg sw bld #1.jpg A SML drg sw bld #2.jpg A SML DRG SW BLD #3.jpg A SML DRG SW BLD #4.jpg Inspiration strikes!


    I have been building and rebuilding narrow gauge locomotives and cars, and even extending the narrow gauge up into the highest reaches Of Iron Mountain, and across the border into North Carolina, into Gegokayoosa, where there is a return loop, and will be a large iron ore mine, and a logging camp.

    Inspiration was found in the thread Drag Saw info.

    somewhere I need to have one or two areas dedicated to producing masses of firewood for the wood burners that remain on my roster. My Railroad resisted converting to coal for the longest time, but now , my railroad, through outside investments has a stake in The J.E. Patterson Coal and Lumber co, some of my larger locomotives have been converted to coal, but my woods engines, and other small power will remain wooburners, and a steam powered drag saw will really help feed them.

    While cooking dinner tonight I saw a saw blade! another project has begun! The circular holes are punched into the metal, which pushes pointy ended stuff out the other side, which is what secures it to the cardboard. it separates from the cardboard quite easily.

    I cut this one down to miss the holes. If you needed a wider blade, for O scale for instance, you could fill the hole with JB weld steel filled epoxy.

    I don't know if this project will get a life of it's own, or just sit there right now I have massive work going on both at home and at the club.

    Bill Nelson
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  15. looseclu

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    Hi Bill,
    My blade is a slice of clear plastic drinking cup with a section of jeweler's saw blade epoxied to the bottom edge. The clear plastic and the joint between the jeweler saw blade were painted with my wife's charcoal/silver Revlon nail polish (my bottle of long unused silver enamel was dried up). A little rust was added (everything on my RR is a little rusty). That blade was mounted so the teeth would cut on the draw stroke and clean out on the push stroke. Probably an indication of a compulsive disorder but my little drag saw actually would cut my logs which are cuttings off my wife's Oleanders that have been dried and stained. Once put into the diorama it became a static drag saw. That old steam donkey's spark arrester was a joke added by the RR shop guys who built the saw for the loggers since all the RR's wood burning locos were required to have arresters in the woods. That "Revlon paint" now resides with my enamels. My aging digital camera was no match for the tiny teeth on the blade but the attached photo gives a hint of their purpose.

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  16. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing a larger photo. it may be a long time befire I get mine done, judging by what other projects I have in the works. also , if you have looked through this whole thread you can see that I get fully distracted.

    I have considered having a micro r/c servo, with the stops cut out , hidden under the layout to animate the drag saw via a wire through the "ground". If I used a brass tube for the cylinder, and the next smaller size telescoping tubing, soldered onto the actuating wire as a piston. this is one problem I have with projects, The more I think about them the more complicated they get.
  17. Doctor G

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    Drag saw on You tube

    Hey Bill and Roy,

    This is a nice project you guys have got going.

    There is a You Tube video of a Witte drag saw in operation at www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrhyTCVPwh0

    Looks like it is steam powered too.......sure is a lot of water vapor in the video.
    Doc Tom:thumb:
  18. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    AAASL-1a stmsvl#3.jpg AAASL-1a stmsvl#6.jpg ASL-a1 Jrdn stm shvl  #2a.jpg AAASL-1a stmsvl#1.jpg dusting off this thread

    Well my drag saw fill into the unfinished project drawer, who knows when or if it will resurface.

    I have been working on a union Station for the club (see scratching and bashing. Left it at the club last week, and had to find something to work on. I had a Jordan Miniatures steam shovel kit. These were produced by Vintage vehicles years ago, but went out of production. Now they are available from Jordan Miniatures. I have started to put one together. . It is a painfully detailed kit. Tom built one of the similar cranes years ago.

    I pulled my portable Hon3 Bugtustle loop layout up stairs to play with, (see the narrow gauge section) and so some of the photos were made on it because it is there.

    Bill Nelson
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  19. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I would love to reproduce this in paper. I think I could do a very believable kit too. If you are interested, I would just need copies of the instruction book, and some really good photos of the model parts. They just need to be clear, I can scale them to each other. Some pictures of your model from different angles would help. I love this kind of equipment free. It could be an exclusive FREE Zealot download.
  20. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    AAASL_1ktbshd stm shvl.jpg Zathros, shoot me a private message with your address, and when I'm done I'll send you the directions. I'll try to photograph the boom parts carefully,. also shoot me an email address and I can send you photos larger than Zealot allows

    I have another kit that builds a crane, the tracks, frame, and body are identical, so I can take good photos of those when I build the crane.

    The instructions show the shovel two ways, , working, and loaded for transport, so this would work well as a flatcar load , but with all the iron ore activity on my RR this one will have to be working.

    I already have one steam shovel. I started a Rio grande Models rail mounted shovel years ago on vacation. when I got home, I had all the parts, but couldn't find the instructions. I bought a model of an HO scale tank, and kitbashed a track mounted shovel. It is an ugly ungainly beast, some of the plastictracks for the doors have fallen off, and I need to fabricate some new ones, glue them in place and paint them.

    The detail on the shovel is extraordinary, like all of the Rio Grande Models kits.

    I also have a Weisman brass AH&D ditcher, so I have some options available when digging is needed. I've often thought it would be neat to have a line under construction, where you could deliver rail cars full of gravel rail and ties, possibly have it end in a cut, where you could haul away dirt and rock,

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