pics of your layout thread!

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by ding chavez, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. ding chavez

    ding chavez Member

    id like to see what everyone has. i looked through alot of the threads here already. since i cant make one of my own right now i like to look at other ones. so let's see what you guys have!:thumb:
  2. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Hi Ding!
    Welcome to The Gauge! :wave:

    (I take it you're a Tom Clancy fan...? ;) )

    I'm working on a small HOn30 logging layout right now, & I don't have a whole lot of pictures yet...
    This is a trestle scene at one end of the layout...It's the only area that is fully scenicked at this point...
  3. Will_annand

    Will_annand Active Member

    Welcome Ding.
    You have come to the right spot for information and pictures. This is the best Model Railroad forum on the internet.

    As for my layout, I have a website up for mine, just follow the link in my signature.
  4. ding chavez

    ding chavez Member

    thanks guys those are great. bounce7

    and yeah im a big tom clancy fan.:)
  5. ding chavez

    ding chavez Member

    please post more. im very sad that i cant have one of my own and all i can do is get enjoyment from other peoples.
  6. Gary Pfeil

    Gary Pfeil Active Member

  7. ding chavez

    ding chavez Member

  8. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    There are lots of pictures throughout The Gauge of what people have been working on. Some people post in their respective scale forum, others in Track Planning, or here in Photography... So take a tour through The Gauge - you'll see a lot of :cool: stuff...! ;) :D

  9. JVRR

    JVRR Member

    HI Ding, I like you hcan not have a layout of my own. I have a train but dont have the money being me only being 15 When I am 16 I can start. where do you live?
  10. JVRR

    JVRR Member

    Never mind I didint see the location on your poists

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