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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by jrparish, Apr 29, 2003.

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    Here are some pictures of our work so far. We dont have any of the mountain tet. It is made of 1 and a half inch insulfoam. It is as tall as the board on the wall. Almost all the way up it,it flattens out and we are making a park on top. We made it so that we can lift it up in case of a derail. We are shaping/texturing it with fix-all.the track that is already laid is the mainline and it is the same on the other arm. The switch controls will be on the desk under the corner. the CSX engine is a life like and we have a Santa Fe just like it. the Santa Fe on the right is a lighted dummy that came with a workhouse.the Santa Fe caboose is to the other engine we have. we are hoping to get an atlas Cotten Belt from our hobby store.

    We have done and are doing the whole thing in atlas track. we are using mostly #4 switches. the turns and most straights ar flex trackwe have a computer planned layout but it is the wrong type of file. Im working on changing it.Ill post it on the next thread.
    If the pics arent there Ill post them next time

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    heres the others

    Here they are

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    Heres the rest

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    Looks to me like your off to a great start,and since I'm the moderator of this forum (Dave said I could say that :D ) I would like to be the first to welcome you to the best darn forum there is.



    I can only agree with Catt, looking great.
    Keep up the good work, You have chosen a great hobby.
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    Looking good and welcome! :)
  7. Matthyro

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    I would like to add my welcome too jrparish. It will be interesting to see how your layout develops so please keep posting your progress

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