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    On Canada Day (July 1) my family and I (along with other family members), visited the Waterloo Central Railway ( The WCR was formerly based in St. Thomas, Ont. until they had to move to another site because CN removed the track line that they had used at St. Thomas. The WCR is owned or operated by the SOLRS (Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society) and they usually run their small 1950s diesel, as they did on July 1, and occasionally an 0-6-0 Steam loco. They also have (I believe) two small steamer switchers which are being restored. (Previously, we also rode behind their steamer when it operated in St. Thomas in 2004.)

    We had a great time. The current train run is from Waterloo, north through the University of Waterloo, stopping at a country market and then arriving at historic St. Jacob's. Our train was hauled by the 1950s diesel followed by two VIA coaches (made in the 1950s, I believe, but in the 1980s blue/yellow livery) and one maroon Canadian Pacific coach in 1950s livery and a green Canadian National observation/business car at the end also in 1950s livery.

    On the return trip, the train reversed back to Waterloo. The kids and dads were able to ride in the CNR observation/business car which was very cool. One of the train crew was actually operating the train from that car, blowing a British whistle (via compressed air) and giving info/instructions to the engineer in the diesel. It was great fun riding in this car and it led the way back to our station.

    Although this heritage railway in Waterloo is only in its second year or so, it looks like we now have another good heritage railway in Ontario, especially if they get their 0-6-0 steamer running again, which they hope to do!

    I've uploaded pix of the Waterloo station, the diesel, steamer and one pic from the ride back (looking down the tracks from the leading observation coach).

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    Great Pictures Rob. Thanks for sharing them with us. :D
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    You're welcome!

    This line is also regularly used by the GEXR (Goderich-Exeter Railway). Later in the day, some freight trains were to run through after the last run of the heritage train. Apparently, the WCR has worked out some arrangement with the GEXR.

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    That is interesting Rob.
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    There's a single local freight to Elmira in the evening that uses the branchline. The branch from Kitchener to Elmira is actually owned by the region, and the mainline from Stratford to Georgetown is owned by CN and leased by GEXR.

    Looks like they've been doing some repainting up there. That diesel used to be black and several years ago that observation car (formerly a CN track inspection car) was also painted blue & yellow.
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    Thanks -- this all makes sense. They said the GEXR train would run through later in the day. And I also remember that diesel being black and now it's painted in 1950s CN colours. Interesting about the observation car -- maybe they'll repaint some of the other coaches in the green 1950s colours as well! :mrgreen:

    Cheers, Rob

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