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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by 2-8-2, May 7, 2006.

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    I need a new camera. Like most technology, mine is outdated, though it was considered "top of the line" when I bought it a few years ago. Currently, I have a Canon 1.3 mega pixel camera. It's nothing very fancy, and is considered what most call a pocket sized camera.

    I want to upgrade to a full-sized digital camera. Here's a pic of a model I've been considering heavily:


    This is the Kodak Z650, a 6.1 mega pixel digital camera. It retails for around $300, and can even be purchased at Wal-Mart. From the looks of things, it has the features I'm interested in, though I admit that I'm not very "up" on camera technology. And $300 is about the max investement I'd be willing to make. Is this a decent camera for the money?

    Just in case anyone has suggestions, here are must have features for me:
    1. Full-sized digital.
    2. Color LCD display. Being able to view/delete pictures is a must.
    3. Under $300.
    4. USB interface w/ computer. (I think this is pretty standard though)
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    I was using a Fuji S620z until I dropped the camera. Fixing it would cost $200 and it was only 3.1 meg. So I found a refurbished Minolta Z20 5 meg on E-bay for under $200. I really like it.


    It does close up work well


    It does regular well


    The focusing system integrates with the Helicon depth of field software well.

    Just a thought

  3. lester perry

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  4. Marxed

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    i would reccommend a Canon Rebel XT

    i took a random photo, all the auto-settings, no preparing for the photo... just turned it on, snapped it from six feet away, i was holding the camera by hand, then downloaded it... then i shurnk the full image down to the corner and put a unscaled piece on to show the resolution..... and i can't get nearly that sharp by hand on my little camera :D :D

    ... but if you can't afford that, check out tigerdirect.com or newegg.com for some good prices. if you shop around you can find some good prices. if your going full size, get a SLR camera soo you can get different lens ;)

  5. nolatron

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    I use a Canon Digital Rebel XT too. Super great pics. It's an 8MP Digital SLR Too be honest, I'm still a newby to photography and most "experts" would shutter if I said I still use full auto a lot of times. But I do :)

    Anyways, It's great camera, but a wee pricey. MSRP is $999 on it, plus I have 300mm zoom lense that was another $450.

    Here's one of my fav pics taken back in New Orleans:

    Here's one from the New Orleans Botanical Gardens:

    If you wanna go lower end, I'd recommend the Canon S410. (though I think it's been replaced with a newer model by now). This is my seconday "pocket camera" because it's small and compact, a "point-and-click" camera, but tooks super pics at 4MP. This camera I think was about $400.

    This is one my fav railfan pics with the S410:

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