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    Philae (spacecraft)
    Philae is a robotic European Space Agency lander that accompanied the Rosetta spacecraft until it landed on comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, more than ten years after departing Earth. On 12 November 2014, the probe achieved the first-ever soft landing on a comet nucleus.


    Author: Julius Perdana (
    Scale: 1:10

    ...a few photos...
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  2. zathros

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    II think comet landings are going to become more and more common. No need to go down a deep gravity well when the stuff is floating right in front of you!! Very nice build! ;)
  3. mikezax

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    Thanks, a few new photos-original legs with my small upgrade...;)

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  4. zathros

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    This truly is a fantastic build!! I love it! Thank You for showing this beauty! :)
  5. mikezax

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    thanks ;)

    ...small upgrade the body of module...(on the photos-left original, right my upgrade):

    ...subsystem SD2 (on the photos-left original, right my upgrade):

    ...the frame (work version):
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  6. zathros

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    The mitering of the tube work is excellent. I build tube steel frames for real and have a tube notcher, and all the associated machine shop equipment. You did a great job. I made this about 5 maybe 7 years ago. 24 speeds, and easily cruises at 22 miles per hour. I machined, welded, designed, this trike myself, my first one, disc brakes, rear suspension, I machined new hubs and the rear swing arm is made from tubes of a donor bicycle. If I build another, I will correct some design aspects. I built the barn behind it too, by myself, mostly, (75% of it). I just wanted you to know I appreciate great work when I see it. :) Recumbent Trike.JPG :)
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  7. SonOfAGun2501

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    That bike is amazing.
  8. micahrogers

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    You know 'Z', you're gonna give some of us a complex... Your work is indeed excellent.
    And Mikezax, your work an the Philae lander is lookign fantastic too. :)
  9. zathros

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    Thanks Mica. You know, a brisk, but relaxed pedal, gives you a cruising speed of around 22 to 24 mph on a flat surface. It works very well. I got the ackerman just right, there is "0" wheel scrubbing. Better speeds if I made a fairing for it. :)
  10. mikezax

    mikezax Member

    TO: micahrogers
    thanks :)

    TO: zathros
    I have a technical education, so that I can appreciate your work, it´s very nice work. Cycling is my favorite sport, I ride every day on my mountain bike :)
  11. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    The recumbent has so much air pass over you, it is quite noticeable, as is the huffing and puffing of the the bike riders of conventional bikers trying to keep up. You also use a set of muscles you do not use in conventional biking. This makes hill climbing can develop even more muscles. It took me 3 days to make that, working 4 hours a day. :)

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