Pepakura won't print my textures

Discussion in 'Pepakura Designs & Builds' started by jim_bow, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. jim_bow

    jim_bow New Member

    Hey guys I've been feeling in the mood to do a bit of paper crafting recently and thought I'd make some game pieces for a small skirmish game involving robots.

    I haven't done anything like this for ages so I had to buy another key for the new version of Pepakura designer ( I think I was last around this site around three years ago but I always think of you guys whenever I think about papercrafts :) ).

    I've made the models with blender and the textures with GIMP as I used to and everything looks fine until I go to print out the model. For some reason the textures don't seem to be applying when it comes to printing them out. Anyone have any ideas? I think it's probably something simple I'm missing but I'm stumped!

    Everything looks normal until print preview...

    What's happened to the texures?
  2. nero_on_fire

    nero_on_fire New Member

    Did the textures also vanish on the printed pages? Or only in the preview?

    I made the experience (especially with Canon Printers) that the preview and control programs of printers are literally a piece of useless trash. Unreliable, complicated, contradicting already made settings etc etc.

    My guess would be, that the preview somehow can't handle the texture files that Pepakura gave it, so it doesn't display them. Maybe try printing directly from Pepakura if possible or export as PDF and then print out of Adobe Reader/Acrobat.
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  3. jim_bow

    jim_bow New Member

    Thank you Nero I think you're right there. It looks like it's something to do with the Canon software. It printed without the textures from Pepakura but exporting it to pdf worked fine. It's added an extra step to the process but at least I can print some models now. I might try uninstalling the canon software and seeing if windows can do it better without.
  4. nero_on_fire

    nero_on_fire New Member

    I have to deal a lot with printers at my work and I am used to a lot of unexplainable, weird and sometimes just dumb behaviour of printers :Computer:

    Happy to have you helped out :)
  5. zathros

    zathros -----SENIOR---- Administrator

    You could try saving your work to the Clipboard, then using another program, like Paint, Adobe CS3 or CS5 to continue?
  6. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    Clipboard images might be too low-res; what about using imcold's fantastic PDOtools program:

    You are able to choose the desired resolution of the bitmaps. :)
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