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Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Wolfinlied, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    Ive noticed there are alot of bits and pieces everywhere on the pepakura program, i was wondering if we have anything full and finished and nicely detailed for those of us who are new to making thier own models.

    If not would someone take the time to make a .pdf tutorial on it? if people have links to things that will help me also it would be appreciated.

    ~ Wolfinlied
  2. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    70 people looked and not one knows anything? come on fellas i just need to know how to work it so i can make models to share :)
  3. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member


    When Pepakura unfolds a model, it will make a lot of small pieces if the model has not been optimized for a paper model. However, I haven't learned how to do that yet, so anything I unfold is many pieces also.

    However, if you right click in the unfold window, you will see a select called something like Join Adjacent Pieces. If you place your mouse over an edge, and a red line appears, it is telling you there is a piece that can be joined. An arrow at the midway point will show which direction the part will travel. Be careful...if you select an edge on a large piece and the arrow is pointing towards the smaller pieces, when you left click, the large part will move to the location of the small part. Since this might cover other parts, it isn't desirable, and since there is no Undo (at least none I can find), it's difficult to recover without restarting the entire process over.

    Main thing is you would be better off learning to use a 3d program, and designing a model with one of those programs which is compatible with a paper model. There are numerous threads on the forums which go into that, including a PDF tutorial on building an aircraft in Rhino 3D, one of the better, but more expensive modeling programs. Metasequoia is a bit easier to learn and there are some tutorials on the net for learning its use.

    I have tried them, but since I am a tired, old man who can't learn new tricks, I stick to designing my models by just drawing them with a CAD program.

    Good luck. There is a lot to learn when it comes to producing card models. But I saw a few people who built some of my models, and it felt good. 8v)
  4. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    I wish I could help. I have Pepakura as well but have no idea how to use it.
    I mainly use it for looking at and printing models that other people have made with it.
    I suppose that if you knew how to use other 3D programs like Rhino, a lot of the commands would be self explanatory.
    I sure wish there was a book or E-Book that showed you what everything is and how to go about designing a model from begining to end.
    I do know this though, Rhino has a very good website tutorial that shows you how to use their program, so it might be the way to go for now.

    Also, don't trust the views counter. At any given moment their are between 10-50 spiders crawling this site. They are programs that scour the web looking for info for search engines like google. Every time one of these "looks" at a thread it is automatically counted as a "view" so this is an unreliable count actually.

  5. Wolfinlied

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    I see, maybe i have asked for the wrong thing. Someone said they can take 3d models from games and make them models and that it was fairly easy. Thats what im after :D
  6. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Oh, yes I do recall seeing that here, somewhere.
    I think someone even wrote a program specifically for pulling the data from the games info files.
    Hopefully someone will pipe in and give us the details.
    You will have to give it some time though as our members are scattered across the globe (meaning half of them are probably asleep right now) and a lot of them don't visit here every day.

  7. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    im supposed to be in bed now cuz im sick but its just so boring in there.

    I want to rip a predator from my predator game on ps2 so i can make him a model.

    Also Amazyah i have a question. I have found the paper model perfect grade evangelion. Is it illegal for me to have and share?
  8. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    That is a commercial model.
    Of course if you have one that is made to be given away freely, that is different.

  9. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Ooops, my bad.
    Forgot to say, I hope you get to feeling better real soon!
    We all know first hand how it feels to be sick, and I sympathize with you.
    Get well, soon!

  10. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

  11. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Yes, I would definitely say this is a step in the right direction for those new to designing paper models.
    This is a great place to start with lots of good advice and links to tutorials.
    Thanks for the pointer.

  12. twb962

    twb962 New Member

  13. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    If we can put a whole bunch of tutorials together i can put them all on my site so people dont have to hunt then we could start a thread with my site and details and make it a sticky.

    Because i found it hard on the forum to find info in one place i was jumping all over the place so that would make it easier wouldnt it?
  14. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    im reading that tutorial and im looking for the ".big" file on one of my games.. does anyone know exactly where they are? because i cant find anything. Do all games have them?
  15. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    i dont know if all games have tham

    but u can try look it like this

    go to opan your main game folder

    than u have on the left(or right) menu "FILE AND FOLDER SERCH"
    click on is and select "ALL FILES AND FOLDER"
    than look for this file *.bin
  16. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    awesome ill take a look now
  17. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    ok it bought back a TON of .bin files but most of them are save game files and sound files im finding it hard to figure which one i should be thieving out of it
  18. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    maybe u can tray look on the folder that the file is locat

    beco if he found a BIN file in the sound folder its porbebly not the 1 u look for

    tray to look for

    Texture folder
  19. Wolfinlied

    Wolfinlied Member

    they all come from files called LANG seems to be all language files im looking at. Does it really matter what format the model is in? i mean i can convert anyfile to pdo cant i?
  20. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    i realy dont know :(

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