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  1. RogerP

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    Greetings again from OZ,:wave:

    Does anyone have the above kit they are willing to share?

    It is 200 scale, a 173 foot US Patrol Craft/Sub Chaser, but I cannot recall who makes it.

    I was going to buy it from Moduni Models, but they want 25 Euros ($AU41) just for postage for four kits which I'm positive would not weigh very much at all. The reason I say that is I recently received four card kits from The Paper Model Store in the US which was much heavier weightwise and only cost $US15 ($AU16). As you can see, a considerable difference.

    Roger Pearson.
  2. cdcoyle

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    Paper Model Store has that kit. Check around the Polish vendors, too. Some of them have very reasonable shipping rates.
  3. RogerP

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    Thanks Chris,

    Just placed an order with them for the PC, HMS Glowworm and a P-40N Kittyhawk which I'll do in 144th scale as an RAAF one to go with the RAN Fairmile Bs I'll be doing in the same scale.

  4. RogerP

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    PC 553 kit

    Hello everyone,

    I now have this kit, but have noticed that some parts didn't print very well. The card parts themselves are fine, it's a great looking ship, it's the (paper)double page containing the internal framework and probably some diagrams showing part locations etc that I am missing.

    Do any of you have this kit and can scan the page/s and email them to me?

    I have contacted 'Answer' who produce the kit, but no replyand as I purchased the kit a while ago I cannot remember who I bought it from.

    The scale of the parts doesn't matter I can fix that as I will be rescaling to 1/144th anyway.


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