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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by COMBAT, Dec 24, 2006.

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    If you don't mind a slightly earlier time period (late '90s), one of the Amtrak Phase IV Intercity P42DCs that costs $25 at Toy Train Heaven would work (photo below).

    Phase V didn't start appearing until the turn of the century if I remember right.. Don't know why Athearn is charging so much more for Phase V paint.. Amtrak royalty issues maybe?

    The BB P42s are an absolute steal at $25 a pop. I bought 3 of them a couple weeks ago so I can do a P32AC-DM kitbash. You do need to tune them up for proper running though.

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    This thread is an excellent dichotomy of modern HO Amtrak availiblilty, I think this thread may prove very useful for many other modelers as well, perhaps we should do something about it?

    On another note, I believe the "Cascades" (Brown/White) F59PHI has a set of talgos (low slung coaches) at for $112.00 they look sweet, and certianly worth your while if you save your pennies! :thumb:

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    Like this?

    What cars would I run with this?

    I think they need to have lights, some kind of interior and the coupling device where people walk, it needs to work to some degree. I think they call this "animated" ??

    Thanks once again for the guidance!

    BTW, do they make a sound decoder for this type of engine? :oops:

    I forgot, I am using a 22" radius and I have to keep that in mind for the cars.
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    Yep, that's the Phase V P42DC/AMD103. Put a few Phase IV Superliners behind it and you are all set.

    The AMD103s have the internals of a Dash-8, so if there is a sound decoder out there for GE Dash-8 locos, you can use that.

    I fuzzily remember someone mentioning that due to the passenger cars requiring electrical power even when the train is stopped, the locomotive's diesel engine is still going at a significant RPM to power the HEP generator, so it will still make quite a bit of engine noise even when stopped. You should be able to program that by changing some of the CV values in the sound decoder though.

    Hope this helps.

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    Helps a ton! :thumb:

    Thanks :D
  6. Yes, they make the Talgo cars, but they were repainted from that scheme to the newer one once they made it cross country. The cars are made in Italy, shipped over here, dropped off in New York, then hauled cross country (usally in normal freight consists) to the Northwest. This is what they look like now.

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    Hey, that's a cool-looking cabbage!

    Wildcatfootball, are you going to build a cabbage for your consist too?
  8. Nope, I already have to paint the whole 12 car consisit, and scratch build 2 baggage/generator cars, so I'll go the easy way and just DCC 2 F59PHI's and call it good. To me, with a F59 on both front and back, its looks MUCH more sleak.:cool:

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    Yeah, I saw those. I just cant bring myself to saying I like them. I think I may go with the other type. I hate the idea but with no real rolling stock to go with it what can you do.

    Wait, I know, just stick to freight! sign1
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    Well that just takes the air right out of this thread...
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    I think I am going to have to stick with the older stuff for now. I mean a vitage train going through a modern layout, that could happen, right? :D
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    Actually, that happens far more often than you think. :D

    Railroads have inspection trains for taking VIPs and company execs on trips. The UP inspection train for instance is usually a string of their old streamlined passenger cars, pulled by a few modern hood units:

    Still, nothing says "current" better than an Amtrak P42 Gennie pulling Amfleets, Superliners etc.
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    I think that is what I will end up with in the end! :D

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