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  1. D.R.Rosser

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    I need some help! Over the years I have put together a pretty good Broadway Limited consist for my PRR area, pulled by a K4s or an E-8. All the cars have interiors but one. It is a Rivarossi PRR Dining Car 1930, item number 2816. It is an old car, thus old numbers, I am sure. Model Railroader used to have adv. from vendors that sold all kinds of Rivarossi interiors. Now I don't seem to see any, Walthers catalog is no help. Anybody know anywhere they are for sale? Any ideas would be appreciated. Dave
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    I'd check out the IHC interiors. The IHC cars are made from the same molds that the Rivarossi cars were made in. I suspect that the dining car interior is the exact same as what you're looking for.
  3. D.R.Rosser

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    Thanks for the tip. IHC lists none at this time on the net site. No luck at e-Bay either. Maybe I will get lucky at a train sale; the problem is that local tarin sales seem to be going out of style here. Thanks anyway. Dave
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  5. D.R.Rosser

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    Thanks, Will call local hobby shop on Monday and order it. Dave
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    Thought you'd like to see what the interiors look like assembled and in the car. I put the Preiser figures in when assembling, since their legs were to big I had to eliminate the tables on the theory that no one is going to be able to see them when the car is rolling by. I also didn't paint the interiors because at the time I had no imformation on NH interior colors. If you like detail painting, the tables have dinnerware molded on the tops.
    I also added some Preiser cooks in the kitchen.

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  7. TrainNut

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    Ahhhh, something I've always wanted to do but never gotten around to! My new Kato Southwest Chief train has a lighting kit available for each car and while that would be really neat, I figure what's the point?... you'd just see a whole lit up passenger train with no people.
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    I use seated passengers. For my interiors, I use Chooch coach seats that I use full length or cut up if I want to make individual chairs. In the diner, I use styrene cut into a table sized square, and glued to the laps of the people who are dining. The windows in passenger cars are small enough that you don't need a lot of detail to make the interior look believeable. The only place that is very visible are the people seated in the dome on dome cars.

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