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  1. NYC-BKO

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    Anyone have the part numbers and costs of the P1K RS-11, Handrails, grab irons, and window glass. I would appreciate it. Thanks
  2. jon-monon

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    Your best bet is to call Life Like, they will look them up for you and give you the numbers prices etc. They will also send you an instruction sheet for the loco for free. Then you can order from LL, LHS, walthers or who ever you like.
  3. I have the same problem. You have to call LifeLike and order directly from them, they'll send you the complete detail parts bag. No one else handles manufacturer spare parts other than the manufacturer. They have regular business hours, 9-5 M-F only, so you have to call during the work day. They will, take your credit card, though! :rolleyes:

    Russ :wave:

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