Part 3 building the layout of your dreams

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by boomboom, Jul 31, 2005.

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    Well,its been 4 days since the 1st. order to walthers was placed , and low and behold here is the first model kits to be built.

    As I look at the box art I wonder can I accomplish this or at least a reasonable facimale, well no time like the present to open it up and take a gander.
    Wow! I'm going to build this? 1st. step pull out the directions , read them not once ,not twice , but three times just to make sure I know what I'm doing.

    Ok directions read, I set up an area were to work comfortably and in good light.At least thats what everyone that I have talked to tells me to do.

    Now, the question in hand is what colors am I going to paint it? The box art doesn't look bad,but if I copy that then it really wouldn't be mine. Lets see!I have an artist available to me 24/7 lets get her input.
    Well that was easy enough,I have 7 basic colors that I am going to use in this rendition, the first step as I have been told in painting the model is cleaning it.So now what?,Go to the gauge and get question out there,how do you prep a model for painting? that was easy warm soapy water,I understand that this helps remove the release agent from the peices,.Next after all is dried,I have to clean the flashing off,thats pretty easy, just take my time and all will work out ok.

    Ok, its been totaly cleaned,preped for painting, From what I have been told the first part to paint will be the interior of the shell, flat black seems to be the color of choice,so I'll go with that,at least thats what all the pro modelers tell me,seems that the black hides improfections. for the outside I'll use primer gray. I am told that using the primers give the model surface tooth, As I have found out threw a few questions to other modlers tooth is nothing more than another surface for your paint to adhere to.

    Ok all is done for the prep stage of the model Merchants Row, I will let everything sit for 24 hours before applying the first brush stroke of the paint. Boy, the prep work I so carefully did will be a waste of time. And I hate to waste time. So now threw the the coarse of the next week I will build this kit.
    After completion I will post my fruits of labor and get the comments from other builders,always to remember to keep an open mind,. They are not out there to make me feel bad , but to help me in anyway possible,after all they have been doing this alot longer than I have.

    Till next time
    BWell gf
    Boy the guys wern't kidding when they said patience is a vertuegfffffff4 days have passed
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    I have know idea how that jumbled mess got to the bottom of the story.

    I am sorry for the jumbled mess at the bottom of the story I have no FREEKIN Idea on how it got there,it wasn't there when I proofed the story,
    Sorry guys
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