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  1. Just like the title says. Work had me out of town today driving around and i happened to remember these were sitting in Brunkild Manitoba. I have never seen them move in the 5 years i have lived here. But finally took some pictures


    Track repair I assume, but I havn't seen anything like these ever.
  2. nachoman

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    Well, i wouldn't want to move either with all that snow around :)

  3. NP 1364

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    LCLX Ledcor Communiciaions Ltd. I'd say its for laying cable along the tracks

    COMBAT Member

    Did anyone read what it says on the cars? See if you notice? :)
  5. NP 1364

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    Shri and WEED?

    But all kinds of work equipment have "DO NOT HUMP" painted on them
  6. MadHatter

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    For those of you who don't know, certain railroads have a place that they call a hump yard. There is a section of track that goes up an embankment and at the other end the line obviously goes back down again. The loco pushes the load up and- releasing one wagon at a time allows it to run freely downhill. There are normally points to all the different yard tracks and there are "retarders" along the way which either slow the wagon down or make them go faster (all computer controlled). When the wagon reaches it's train and couples up you need to listen to really here a "clunk" as they couple. I don't have a picture of such a yard, maybe someone else does?
  7. trainnut65

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    Do not hump. sign1
  8. rogerw

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    Madhatter I work with some of those "retards" at work but we have to call them
  9. MadHatter

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    That's what I assume too, that's why I put my two cents in for any new guys/girls- in reply totrainnut65.

    Rogerw- yip, can't avoid those!!
  10. Torpedo

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    I agree. That rig was probably used in remote areas that could not easily be accessed by vehiclular construction equipment.
  11. pfs

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    lclx is Ledcor Communications Limited, these cars are for laying Fiber Optics along the railroad. I think 360 comm was a DBA for them. Quest did the same as well, gained rights to lay fiber along the RR , built out their backbone rather quickly.

    The reason these things are sitting is there is a Fiber glut in N American, only around 10% is being utilized. Additionally, wave multiplex technology has greatly increased the capacity of the exsisting fiber.
  12. COMBAT

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    I didnt know that all of them say that so I thought it was funny. :)

    At least your paying attention. :)
  13. NP 1364

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    There other type of cars/loads you really don't want to run though a "Hump Yard" explosives, glass loads( just think insurance pay out) live animals, over size/weight loads. so hump yards would set out these cars and switch them from the flat end of the hump yard as the last thing befor pulling the cut and making up the train
  14. Torpedo

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    Locally, one of the railroads, CSX, I think, has its tracks on a waterfront easement. The easement is for railroad tracks. The railroad allowed companies like Quest to bury fiber along the ROW -- for a fee, of course. The property owners sued. They argue that the easement allows the railroad to operate trains across the property, but it doesn't give them the right to permit the fiber companies to use the property.

    I'll have to see if there has been a disposition on this one. It's been a couple of years since I first read about it.

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