"PaperLaul's Terminator 2: Hunter Killer Aerial - by DanBKing"

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by DanBKing, Aug 21, 2015.

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    I actually believe I am salivating? :)
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    that's great work!!
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    Dan, if you lived next to me, I would have given you a 2 x 4 of aluminum and some aluminum flashing, and you would have made this out of metal!! It looks like it is anyways! ;)
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  5. DanBKing

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    Eye, Eye...!

    The spotlights are installed and working ...... ;) (Apologies for the crappy pic quality.... !)
    I also toned down the wash a bit too. I used too much black in the colour mix, I think. I cleaned most of it off with a damp earbud......


    More soon!

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    Beautiful work!:Bravo: Nice touch with the LEDs.:King: One more thing I'm going to have to learn how to do.

    Sky Seeker
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    Dan, when I see, under the little flag up there, "DanBKing attached a file to the thread "PaperLaul's... I suddendly stop reading - really I stop ANYTHING I'm doing - and run to see what's new.
    This time also I did so and the surprise was worth the run!
    Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! I like this little piece of "metal" every day a little more.

    I like! I like! I SUPERLIKE!
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  8. DanBKing

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    Thanks guys. :)

    I have had a bit of time to work on the model lately, so more coming VERY soon..... (No more new 'metal' though, until after Christmas..... ;))
  9. DanBKing

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    Body Building ......!

    Progressiveness of the fuselage...... Again, nothing special, just edge-gluing, back-tabbing, etc ......
    The white sections on the front, denote where the completed nose assembly will be glued.

    General_726.JPG General_727.JPG

    Next, the engine/fuselage "shoulders" were made up and attached...
    And I started rough-sanding some surfaces in preparation....

    General_732.JPG General_733.JPG

    Now that the main structure of the fuselage is mostly complete, I wanted to finalize how the model will be suspended when in the flight-mode diorama. I am going to use a metal rod to support the model in the air.
    I am not going to go into too much detail on the support system at this stage, as it will spoil the suprise!! ;) But, I will say that the metal rod will not be visible in the end ........ :wink:

    I cut a slit in the internal former that allows the metal rod to be pushed in with a nice snug fit. I glued extra thick cardboard plates to either side of the former to close up the slit and strengthen the area a bit more.

    General_728.JPG General_729.JPG

    As I need to get power for the internal lighting of the model when it is up in the air, I decided to use a female pin-header as a connector. I cut a small slit in the bottom of the former and used gel ca glue to attach it to the former after soldering the wires on. Once the former is in place in the fuselage, the connector shows through, close to the hole for the metal rod.

    General_731.JPG General_730.JPG

    I am using 3mm white LED's for the landing lights in the fuselage. I made a ring from thick card and glued the LED into this. This ring is of the correct thickness, that when glued into the fuselage, only the tips of the LED's stick through. The LED's were wired up and then glued into the fuselage.... I also added some greebling to the fuselage surface around the LED's.

    General_734.JPG General_735.JPG

    That's it for now. Back with more over the next day or so....... I will see how much I manage to get done tonight ...... ;)

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    Dang Dan!! This is really coming out fantastic. I don't see anyone trying this after. You have put the bar really high on this, possibly in orbit!! :)
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  11. DanBKing

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    Thanks Z!

    A few days ago I sent a message on Facebook to Laul, the designer of this model, inviting him to pop in here and have a lookat what I was doing with his model. That he did .....!

    His reaction was amazing!!! To say that he nearly made a mess in his pants when he saw it, should bring us close to describing his enthusiasm! :D

    I am trying to talk him into becoming a member here....... I'll keep you posted! ;)
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    fantastic!!!!!!----this is one of my favorite posts.
    I just want to throw in that an E-candle from the dollar tree, added in like a resistor will make those engines flicker. if you want that effect done very inexpensively.
  13. DanBKing

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    Nice idea with the E-candles, Jim. thumbsup
    The flickering engine effect is plausible, but the 'vision' I have in my mind, of the 2 dioramas, would unfortunately not accommodate it. The effect would attract the eye away from the intended focal point.

    I have no intention of putting this model into a display case, so no ambient lighting can be added to the diorama,...... (except a bit from the display base and the model itself.... ;) )

    But, anyway, that is the future..... My plan of two dioramas is going to have to include another 3 paper models, the diorama bases and associated construction and texturing .........:cool:
    And once all that is done, (if I live long enough ;) ) then I'll call this project complete :)
    But, that is all a long way off yet ..............................

    I gotta finish the main subject first ....... :D
  14. DanBKing

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    Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall. ~ Ray Bradbury

    Wings on ......! ;) :D

    And yes, this thing is becoming HUGE! The squares on the cutting mat are 1cm x 1cm .....(The mat is A3..)
    And the nose is not included in the equation yet either..! :eek:

    General_736.JPG General_737.JPG General_738.JPG
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    Gosh, what a boy! :)
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    It gets to a point in an incredible thread that you start running out of expressions to post!?! This is going to really be something when you join it to the wing and engines.
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    I like how this is coming together. It is really looking good! I like how you are using the chrome paint to get the realistic effect.
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    Shut the Gate....!!

    Having survived (barely) the festivities of the last few days :toast::smoker:, I managed to get my shaky hands and fogged up brain to do a little work on the model...... ;)

    Before I close up the fuselage for good, I need to get the wiring and circuits worked out and installed.
    As already mentioned, this model will be displayable in two configurations; Flying and Landed.
    Each configuration has different lighting set ups. These are outlined below....

    Flying configuration:
    Searchlights: ON
    Landing Lights: ON
    Starboard Engine: ON
    Port Engine: ON
    Wing Tip Lights: ON

    Landed configuration
    Searchlights: Off
    Landing Lights: ON
    Starboard Engine: ON
    Port Engine: Off
    Wing Tip Lights: ON
    Each configuration has a different input point for power though. In the flying configuration, the power enters the bottom of the fuselage, and when landed, the power input is on the port engine.

    I am no electronics expert, but I designed a simple circuit to accomodate the above setups....

    Untitled Circuit_Circuit.png

    In the schematic above, LED Group 2, contains all the LED's which are ALWAYS on, in both configurations.
    LED Group 1, contains the LED's that will be OFF in the landed configuration.

    I inserted a diode (D0) between the 2 power inputs, (Input A and Input B.)
    This diode acts as a 'gate', to control the direction of the power flow in the circuit. (The 'arrow' of the symbol for the diode shows the (only) direction that power can flow through it.)

    So, if the power is coming from Input B, the power runs directly through LED Group 1, and also through LED Group2, via the diode, to the negative side of the circuit.
    However, if power is applied to Input A, the power will run through LED Group 2 to the negative side, but NOT through LED Group 1, as the power cannot pass through the diode to light LED Group 1.

    In the schematic above, for clarity, I have ommited the required resistors for each LED set.
    LED Group 1, contains a total of 3 seperate LED's (plus resistors) and LED Group 2 contains 10 seperate LED/resistor sets.

    I am hoping to finalize the wiring tonight and get it all installed. I've really gotta be clear-headed for this task, as I really do not want to blow any LEDs at this stage.........:sadno:

    I will let you know of the outcome ....... :nailbiting::nailbiting:

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    I always wanted to put some lights on a model but feel a bit incompetent about electronics... If I think to what you've done with the Discovery... I say to myself I should try to learn just a little bit of LED theory... :hammerhead:
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