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  2. Rhaven Blaack

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    This is a cool site indeed!
    Thank you for sharing it with us. I have added ot to my FAVORITES list.
  3. Revell-Fan

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    They even have the Lotus Esprit from James Bond! Fantastic site. Thank you for sharing!
  4. Rhaven Blaack

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    I have already downloaded it!!!:D:D:D
    (I do not know when I will build it, but I still have it none the less.;))
  5. McGee

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    This IS a great site. I had built a few of the different busses in a reduced size...nearly down to "matchbox" or "hotwheels" size as Christmas ornaments for a friend.
    I'm really a big 'camping america' loving person, so the I'm always looking for really cool RVs or Campers or 'old logging road access only camping vehicles'. and they have some really cool little camper and trailer models here.
  6. zathros

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    I am a RV'er too. I own an old 1986 Champion LaSalle, 24' long. It has only 40K miles on it. 454 c.i. Chevy big block, with a huge overbuilt transmission, and 14" differential. 3" diameter sway bars on the rear too! I can actually get 10 m.p.g. driving at 55 m.p.h., and not jack rabbiting it. If I am not worried about gas, it will cruise, easily, at 75 m.p.h. all day long, with many stops for gasoline! :)

  7. McGee

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    You are a very lucky man. "environmental and pocket book inefficiencies" aside ( I'm not the guy that worries about those if i had the money for a RV...) It would be sooo cool to own an RV. I have so many great memories from childhood, spending the weekend on the Oregon coast and at camp spots with my grandparents in the motor home, or trips down to Crater Lake, etc.
    I lived in an 8 foot Airstream trailer and Caveman cab over camper for several years as a kid, while dad was building the house, and I loved it.....we lived way out away from town in the middle of the woods, and it was pretty much like camping for 4 years.
    The cool thing about RVs and trailers, especially the older ones like yours, is that back in the 60s and 70s, the nation was a totally different atmosphere, and travel was so much more affordable and enjoyable.
    Before I was old enough to remember , my parents did a cross america tour of the different national parks and historic spots.
    I wish I could afford to do that now. Im re saving for an older Jeep ( I hate the new cosmetically 'perfect' barbie doll jeep styles) I want an early 80s or late 70s Jeep, and when I get it, I am definitely road trip camping with it.
  8. McGee

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    Of course my ideal road trip camping vehicle would be a nice old Jeep 1/4 ton truck, updated with better shocks and suspension, so it doesn't ride like an old Military vehicle, on road trips. Of course I would definitely update the seats to much more comfortable seats, but leave the rest alone. I love the rugged bare bones utilitarian look.

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  9. zathros

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    I am the 2nd owner on this R.V. All my friends were purchasing their S.U.V's, and sport cars, it was that time in your life when you get yourself a nice car. I went a completely different route. The dealer was selling this for $29,000 dollars, it was around 10 years old, but only had 19,000 miles on it. I looked around, and kicked tires, then I go back to see this one again, and the dealer lost all his financing for used R.V.'s and had to sell them fast. He was desperate. He offered it to me for $25K. I said no, I told him the refrigerator was shot, the tub had a crack, and it had no generator, he said he would replace the bathtub, replace the 3 way refrigerator, and put in a brand new Onan 4K Generator. I then told him I would give him one offer, would not be back, and I could pay him within 24 hrs. I offered him $19,500 dollars. He took it. (I had cold hard cash to pay him). The 1986 Champion LaSalles had a full steel frame, no wood, with a Chevy P30 Chassis. They are extremely overbuilt.

    So as all my friends grew up and out of my life, and have long gotten rid of the cars they purchased, I still have my motorhome, 21 years later. She only has around 40K miles on her and purrs like a kitten, well, maybe a Lion, it is a Chevy 454 c.i. motor, after all.

    I have always driven cheap cars. Most I paid nothing for. I still have the first two motorcycles I ever purchased too, both brand new, a 1975 CB400F Honda, Red, of course, and a 1983, Suzuki GS 750ES, Silver/Blue.

    I have never had a lot of money, it is just that I purchased different things, than most of the populace. You know, every single one of the people I knew then asked me if I would let them "borrow" the R.V. for the weekend. I told them, which was the truth, that the Insurance forbade it. I wouldn't have loaned it out even if was completely covered. It's like strangers sleeping in your bedroom, just plain gross. :)

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