Paper Paddlewheel Steamships Anyone?

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  1. I have always loved paddlewheel steamships. They represented an important shift from the old to the new. They have some real character and I have built several. I have two more to build all printed out. I must say they are my favorites in my displays and have the most prominent places in my home.

    How bout we gather as many sites as we can to promote this subject. If you have any links that provide both free and commercial models please post them here. I will find mine and do the same. If you have any builds please post some pictures so we can all share.
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    Mark Twain

    The Disney Experience has the Mark Twain for download. I have it printed and have studied the plans. I just need to find time for the build.
  3. I remember that model but darned if I can find it on their site right now. Am I missing something?
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    Paper Models International;

    A quick search turned up many paddlewheel and sidewheel models.
    Prices are low and service is the best. I have ordered many models
    from PMI.
  7. I think the sidewheelers were especially very cool.
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    Has anyone ever modeled Brunel's Great Eastern? I think it was the largest sidewheeler in history. Seems like a great subject - six masts, five funnels, two paddles ... and one propeller!

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    The Great Eastern was done by Screibers in 1/400 scale. Not sure if its still available, check their website (do a google for Aue Verlag).
  10. to the host at www.myspace.commmpapermodels I want to sway that you have some very nice models there. I hipe you continue to make more. Please feel free to post here any progress.
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    Here's the James Watt that was part of the ABC 2000 special;
    James Watt.jpg
    I really love the proportions on this one. I believe it was originally released in a larger format years earlier by Albatros Publishing? Anyone have info on that?
  12. Now that's a beautiful ship. But I can't find it anywhere. Do you have suggestions?
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    It looks like PaperModelWorld still has the special, ABC Special #3, in stock.
    Click on "ABC" on the left column, then the photo of the Jules Verne special in the lower right. It's a bit steep at $24.50, but you do get seven paper models. I think you'll want to scan and reprint these on heavier paper, as they usually come on magazine stock.
  14. Oh, I see it is a magazine with the models shown on the cover, inside. So I guess they expect you to scan them as you can't hardly build it from magazine stock.

    It is very tempting. I would like the castle shown on the cover as well. HMMMMM

    Thanks for the link. It is helpful when people post these things that they also include the links to the site where they can be found.
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    Just looked at the Paper Model International site. they have a number of paddleweelers in the passenger ship section, including the Great Eastern.
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    Here's a 1:250 freebie

    I printed it out some time ago, but haven't built it yet. You have to go to all of the pages to get the parts.

    I did build his other ship, and that went together quite nicely.
  17. Where? Please include the link.
  18. Yes, thanks, This is one of my favorites. I built her awhile back and it is on our entertainment center in the living room. One of the few models my wife has allowed in our living room.
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    Sorry, here's PMI;
    Go to search the catalog, then look under ships on the left and then Passenger ships.

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