Paper models at wonder festival 2006 summer

Discussion in 'Anime, Cartoons, Figurines & Paperdolls' started by tikitiki_m, Aug 26, 2006.

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    the gold looking one in the second site looks really neat!
  3. Qess

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    I just returned from my trip to Japan. I was luck enough to be able to visit both Wonder festival and Chara hobby, I put all my pictures online, It took a while so I hope you enjoy them.

    WonderFestival 2006

    Chara hobby 2006

    My paper model shopping

    If anybody is interested in hearing more about the conventions or about the amazing (but humble) builders please let me know and I will post it.


    Updated with Jagd Mirage.
    And a big thanks to tikitiki_m for all the help!
  4. xyberz

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    Anyone know where to get such mech models as those online? They're AWESOME!!!
  5. Qess

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    well, these are models made to be sold, but there is an awesome selection of meca-models online, if you try poking arroud the forum I'm sure you will find lots of links to nice free models.


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