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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by JHS, Nov 11, 2006.

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    I have been longing for an excellent model of the QUEEN MARY battlecruiser for ages. I was looking at the hull of a new resin model of the ship in 1:350 scale and was dismayed to see how thick the screens were on the model. The tall metal screens at the bases of the funnels were about a scale three feet thick when the real items were about one inch thick. One thing I like tremendously about the large scale ship card models is the crisp definition of structures and scale thicknesses of screens. They look like the ships!
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    Yes your are right paper ships look amazing they are also very, very tedious to build with so many duplicate parts but the results are stunning. If you want to see some truly awesome paper ships check out H.M.V's site their Bismark is breathtaking. If you haven't yet built a paper ship have a look round paper shipwrights and digital navy's sites as they have some fantastic full detail freebies:twisted:
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    I've been building paper ship models since I knew John Hathaway in the mid-'60's!
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    Oh ok it sounded like you had just discovered them :-?
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    Queen Mary

    My first paper model (scratchbuilt) was a model of the Queen Mary. It had lots of defects. But I spent about 200+ hours on it and was obsessed. Despite all the flaws, I enjoyed building with paper and working out how to do things. Queen Mary, which was highly regarded by the British public, had such a tragic fate.
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    Thanks for the tip, David H. I was not aware they now have an HMS QM. I have been following the AUSTRALIA on that site with interest. I have been considering card scratchbuilding the QM with the wonderful 1:250 scale plans in John Roberts' BATTLECRUISERS. I had hoped some card model company would make a model with these plans but no such luck. For now I think I'm going to do GPM's beautiful SHIKISHIMA as she looked at Tsushima.

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