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    Hello again everyone. Here is a link to a site Goolsby's customs Awhile ago, they took a '71 Ford Mustang and gave it a MAJOR custom overhaul and produced a realllly cool version of a car from the glory days of pre EPA auto design and power.

    Ive had a plastic kit of a '71 kit in my stash for awhile, with the intention of using this site as my step by step instruction of how to do a scale custom Pegasus.
    They did an amazing job of photologging every single step and cut and mod they did along the way....even showing where they made cuts and welds, exactly. It would be an awesome paper project, especially if designed with alot of attention to details, and a moderately hefty parts break down.

    And here is another kit in the pile that would make a really awesome shelf display.. especially if done in that red river paper. Its an old and reallly arbitrary and rare kit to find, so having it in paper would be really cool.

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    Hey.... I built that kit , a loooong time ago. Everything worked, the wings flapped the prop spun, and the guns cycled in and out.
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    It's a really cool very odd throw back to the 70s isnt it. I had the kit back when i was a very little kid. I think i was about 6 or 7, then we moved and it got lost and disregarded.
    I hadnt seen it in decades.. alot of decades it seemed. Then about a year ago, I was on a modelling forum, and one of the topics was "what was your favorite model as a kid" I replied with a couple different ones but this was the one that really stood out.
    One of the guys in the forum, replied that he had built up that plane, and it was till working, but that he also had another one in the box partly built.
    He said I could have it if I was interested, and when i asked how much he wanted for it, he just said " to know that its going to someone who appreciates this thing and will treat it good and take the time to fix it up good...and send pics when i was done"
    A few days later it showed up. That was pretty much the best month ever.
    It is a really cool little odd kit.
    Ive seriously thought about taking this plane, and shrinking the dimensions down to a smaller scale and making one of the egg planes out of this plane. I think it would look pretty cool as an egg plane since its already close in its deformity.
    sort of a super deformed weird X-85 Goblin.

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