Paper C.S.S. Palmetto State ironclad

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by paperboy, Sep 20, 2007.

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    wooooooh what a mistake, SORRY, replied to th wrong thread !!

    sorry guys,

    I will correct immediatly,,,,,,,,,,,,flu
  2. paperboy

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    Hi Elliott

    I have templates for most everything so I would be pleased to add to the download section to that others would be able to enjoy building this. As the work remaining is mostly cosmetic I will get together files for you.

  3. bigbenn

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    Now if it was a bit longer and a bit stronger and waterproof and had r/c and electric motors and could be either static scale or r/c, how would you feel about that - Anyone?
    Looks good by the way.
    Anyone interested in my card ship r/c hobby?

    RG WILLIAMS New Member

    Ironclad model

    Wow, great work on the model. Could be a great RC model. I'am working on a 1/200 model of the Monitor , hope it looks as good as your build. Thanks for showing.

  5. paperboy

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    Hi BigBenn

    I read you post about the Palmetto State and appreciate it.
    I haven't had much time at all since I got the ship to this point but
    am working to finish it and the Infanta Maria Teresa, another scratch build
    that I posted here.

    About RC modelling, there is a book on the internet by Steven Lund and William Hathaway "Modeling Civil War Ironclad Ships" that details their work in building Union and Confederate Navy Ironclad ships. It is an awesome Ebook and the Models are exceptionally detailed and correct.

    Thanks Vernon
  6. Vernon, Steve Lund and Bill Hathaway are members of the Ship Modelers Association. I've seen their ironclads, including the fantastic 1:32 scale USS Monitor. They held mock ironclad battles last spring at the opening of the new Monitor Museum. Not only did they transport these models by car across country, but they had to build a CSS Virginia mockup in just one month!

    You can see the models here:

    Ship Modelers Association - Show and Tell

    Steve and Bill will be staging ironclad battles this weekend at a Civil War encampment at Knott's Berry Farm (the picnic area next to Independence Hall, across the street from the actual amusement park). Should be fun to watch.
  7. paperboy

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    Hi Guys

    I've been able to work on my CSS Palmetto State model as I am taking some time off while my daughter is home from the Navy. I have put together the anchors and chain on the foredeck and made the davits for the anchors.
    the first coat of paint is on them and I'll rig them later. I also made the foremast and boat boom as well as the main mast and boom. I also put in the signal spar through the smokestack and rigged it. Tomorrow I want to put in the railing around the quarterdeck and flag the ship. I Hope!


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  8. paperboy

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    Hi all
    Well I think that I'm about done with this model I've just the bollards to finish and mount and a little weathering but I'm happy with how this has evolved. hopefully this will be the inaugural ship for the charleston Squadron.
    I'm going to finish some other projects but next up will be the CSS Columbia as it was in 1865, but before it ran aground and broke its back.

    So I've added some pictures of the Palmetto State and I hope you enjoy as it has been my pleasure to build and post here.


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  9. Gregory Shoda

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    Congratulations! Your model turned out very, very nicely. I like the flag.

    Any other Civil War warships on the horizon?
  10. CK Styles

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    Great build. Looks like you had quite a lot of fun building it.
  11. paperboy

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    Thanks Greg and CK

    Yes I did enjoy building it and plan to build a few more. Next up is the confederate ironclad Columbia and later the Charleston from the Charleston squadron. I also like the CSS Nashville/Rattlesnake a sidewheel steamer that was converted to a commerce raider and was destroyed near Savannah.

    I'm working up framework for the Columbia now but first I want to finish another scratch project that I had posted on here, the Spanish flagship at the Battle of Santiago de Cuba in 1898. It was named The Infanta Maria Teresa and was an elegant protected cruiser based on the British Orlando class cruisers. i'll be building the masts and finishing it before I go back to ironclad duty.


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  12. Ziga

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    It's always a pleasure to see a Confederate ironclad model. I am waiting to see more ;)

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