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  1. Russ Bellinis

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    I don't have any pictures, yet; but a new favorite shortline that I just recently discovered is the Pacific Harbor Line operating in Los Angeles and Long Beach harbors. So far I've seen a factory low nose (not chopped) gp9 in the S.P. "black widow" scheme, an sd35 (I think) in Santa Fe "zebra stripe", another low nose gp9 running the old Harbor Belt Line blue with a wide white stripe, the blue being about the same as Great Northern sky blue. Then they have a gp35 I think that is painted maroon with black roof and running boards with a gold stripe separating the maroon from the black. All of the paint schemes except the old Harbor Belt lines blue look freshly painted with a nice shine. Even if I get some pics, I haven't found anyway to reduce the size on the computer. My Kodak Easy Share program allows me to adjust the size for printing, but I haven't found any way to reduce it on the "puter."
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    :D Well being a big fan of short line and terminal roads I always enjoy hearing about new short lines. :thumb:
  3. Russ Bellinis

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    I was mistaken, I got a better look at the zebra striped Sd today, it is a Sd26. They also have a tunnel motor in bloody nose, but I think that is left over from when the S.P. had it. I have a customer that I work on their refrigerated trailer fleet. Their yard is right next to Pacific Harbor Lines yard, so when I work there I see a lot of train action.
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    There was an issue of TRAINS a few years ago with an article by a guy who worked for the PHL for a time. I believe it was the September '02 issue.

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