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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by ross31r, Jul 19, 2004.

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    So, i have been going through my stock box today and have come up with a complete train of overton cars (two full baggage cars, a combine, two coaches, an obs that i was going to use as a diner and another obs). would these make a good "streamliner" type fixed consist for a traction line if i use one baggae car as a powered car and the other as a dummy driving trailer or would traction lines not have had anything made up of coaches this short?

    Oh my time period is the turn of the century (1890-1905) so was thinking it would be appropriate. will be using a modified bachmann 44 tonner chassis as a power plant inside one of the Baggage cars.
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    The time frame you are modeling in restrics the type of units you can operate Ross.
    Streamliners on the Illinoise Terminal for instance came in to operation around 1948.
    Chicago Electro Liners may be a bit earlier but not the 20s. :(

    But Hey I dont mind if you dont :thumb:
    They did run combination of equipment like that though.
    Any chance of a pic or three of the coaches you are using.
    Love to see them :wave:
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    lol, they are standard Overtons at the moment, i buggered the conversion of the third Overton baggage car into a boxcab so it been cut down and turned into a half length way car although i havent got around to building the gondola style end for it yet.

    when i get around to scanning my photos up i will post up some pictures of the Eazies freaky stock.

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