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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by fec827, Jan 3, 2005.

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    I recently purchased anAthern power pack on ebay. When I attached it to my test track [Atlas True Track] I tested a SD40 locomotive o it. After 3 or 4 runs back and forth the locomotove stopped and the "overload" signal on the power pack came on. I turned it off and then on but the "new" diesel locomotive would not work. What is the most likely probelm? Is the locomotive damaged?
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    First of all, welcome to the Gauge.

    I doubt that you've done any damage to the loco, but your power pack may not be all that good. Leave it off for a few minutes and remove the loco from the test track. Turn it back on, if the "overload" light still comes on, disconnect it from the track. If it still comes on, then it probably has an internal short. If the overload lamp doesn't come back on, and the loco still doesn't run, test the power pack with either a meter if you have one, or find a 12 volt bulb and place it across the tracks with the power pack full on without a loco. If it doesn't light, you may have a bad connection. Disconnect the power pack and put the meter or lamp across the output terminals. No voltage, bad supply, got voltage, check your connections. Somewhere there is a short.
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    Who makes the "Athearn" power pak? I think it may be Bachmann Spectrum. If so, you can send it to Bachmann for check out. The overload is a built in circuit breaker. Cb's can get tired or a spring gets weak after a while and they trip at lower loads than spec. or you may have an internal problem with the power pak. I think Bachmann warranties the power paks like their locomotives if it is the "Spectrum" quality one. If it is a standard "toy" type pack, they probably don't, but I don't think those have breakers installed.
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    This is fec827. I had the locomotive and the power pack checked over at my local hobby shop. It turns out that there was a dead engine short in the new locomotive.
    it was easily repaired and the locomotive works fine. The power pack was OK and it "overloaded" due to the engine short.
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    Thanks to everyone who replied. I am wiser now. Sometimes buying "new" merchandise over the net can be a risk. Thanks to knowledgeable technicians and a great "Gauge" group.

    fec 827
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    Sometimes buying "new" merchandise over the net can be a risk.
    That's what your local hobby shop is for......service, and a place to go when things don't work the way they're supposed to. :) :)

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