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    I'm blushing.

    It seems that folks don't like the mirrors or the black, so I went off and bought gray matboard and here is the results.

    I still might try glass over the top of the matboard and glue the stand to the glass. Only I'm going to have to either cut the glass or get it custom cut. It would solve some of the cleaning problem of dust collecting on the stand. I suppose an acrylic box that fits just inside the frame would be the best solution to the dust problem.

    The water pattern on the base paper is because if you print out a solid color it's likely to have and streaks or flaws in the printing showing.

    If I want a white frame I'll have to special order it.
    I'd best check to see how my photos look with gray mat and silver frame.

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  2. hpept

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    hi lizzie,
    may i suggest to use a glass or plexiglass (acryilic) rod to suspend your model? This would be less obtrusive than the square support. Just my opinion.
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    I'm ahead of you. I tried it. This is made of overhead transparency.
    Acrylic is so heavily used in retail that it tends to reference commercialism the same way that mirror apparently references car show.

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