Opinion on older locos?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Evan, Jul 8, 2004.

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    Please can you give me your opinion of these older steam locos: a 4-6-2 (Atlas), and also a 2-8-2 (Atlas)? I have the possibility of buying these quite cheap, but don't want to buy something thats not going to even move. I will obviously test run them before parting with the cash.


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    I can only comment about the Atlas 4-6-2. It seems that these either ran about two feet before blowing up or lasted pretty much forever. Mine lasted a long time, until I dropped it. It ran quite well at slow speeds. A Kato JNR 2-8-2 mechanism pretty much slides right under the shell, with just a little bit of filing on the inside, which is what I did rather than remotor. The Atlas 0-8-0 usually blew up in two feet or less. I don't know about the 2-8-2--wasn't it pretty similar to the 0-8-0?

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    I agree with Pete...... they either ran 15 minutes or 15 years. I still have 4-6-2's, 2-8-2's, and one 0-8-0 that still run but, I have several that are best called "yard queens". If you can get one that is still running well at a good price, snap it up! Make sure it will go in reverse, also, as some develop a tendancy to run forward only as the gearing and frames wear out. Check the frame for crumbling especially where the screws that hold the motor in place screw into the frame.

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    The frames not only crumble, they swell and warp fiercely over time. There was a fairly detailed discussion a while ago on the material, ZAMAC, and the tendency for impurities and improper casting temperatures, among other factors, that led to warping, swelling and, of course, crumbling.

    I should know: I've got about 25 of the bad ones. Before I gave up, I got one of eight tries back into running order with a new motor.


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