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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Jetta Lewis, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. Jetta Lewis

    Jetta Lewis New Member

    Events went a bit quicker than I had supposed and I believe that before the end of this week the online railroad will be leaving the depot. Think of your model rr on line and full size. I am looking for input as to layout and types of rolling stock. At this time there are well over 100 boxcars, pullmans, ect. Several locomotives, many miles of rails, several trestles and tons of buildings and building materials ranging from 1870s thru to modern. My thoughts were to start with a large city, with skyscrapers, ect and a grand central station. The tracks and trains will wynd thru the world with stops at various eras. 1940s, 1920, 1900 and of course the wild west. Along the way I was thinking of having some farms, a logging operation and mining. Perhaps a fishing village and an indian village. I do have quite a bit of WW11 tanks, planes and trucks so an army depot would work too. There are several cargo ships, ocean liners, sailing vessels, barges and rowboats and canoes, so the ocean and rivers can be properly used. If anyone would like to help lay this out the download is

    This is not to replace anyones model rr, but if you are online and would like to help build an online rr your help would be appreciated. At the present Ancient Rome is still on this site,but should be going out today or tomorrow. When you download you will have a red icon on your screen. Click that to enter and when you enter use your arrow keys to move about. You will see a green sign that you can click to be teleported to some of the train equipment. By the way, if you would like to build a spur off the mainline to a depot or home of your own. that would be ok also.
  2. Jetta Lewis

    Jetta Lewis New Member

    Ok. quite a few of the train objects are now in. Over 100 boxcars, pullmans, observation cars, ect. All of the tracks that will be used, water tower,signals, trestles. Most of the locomotives. To take a look at them just click the sign at the entrance and you will be teleported to them. Be sure to set your visibility to 30 meters before you do.
  3. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    Sounds cool Jetta, but unfortunately for us Mac users, we can't open the .exe file. Is there a website where we can see the results?

  4. 77railer

    77railer Member

    I downloaded it but have yet to see the sign for the train stuff...please advise....

  5. moria

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    Hi Val & Jetta :)

    Yikes this brings back memories.. activeworlds.. I was a very early user of the system (citizen number 27 and 22108) and for a while I used to work for them and I still own the world called Colony Alpha :)

    However, as a Mac user, I'm afraid your out of luck mainly :cry:

    The Activeworlds 3d interactive virtual reality browser has only ever worked on the PC OS, for many years it was attempted to make a MAC browser for the system, but eventually, because the base system behind the VR was, and I believe still is Criterion's Renderware using Direct x and Direct Sound the only solution was to run on a MAC using an emulator such as "Softwindows" or "Virtual PC".

    It was also a little jerky and slow under both, but that may have improved with the technical boosts of the hardware these days.

    I always wished there had been a MAC browser for the system, but I did understand the technical reasons behind it.

    AW was, and is, a superb product and allowed for some really creative and fascinating applications to be built and enjoyed.

    There used to be, and I think there still is, a Browser which works through an embedded applet in a web page, but still requires the base machine to be running Windows of one form or another to provide appropriate DLL's.

    Sorry for the news re the Mac, but good luck Jetta :)

  6. Will_annand

    Will_annand Active Member

    I find it interesting that the number one selling software for MAC computers is Virtual PC.

    Why not just buy a PC and save all that money?
  7. moria

    moria Member


    Are you the Jetta from the world America?

    If so, I am Moria from Colony Alpha and AW :)

  8. Jetta Lewis

    Jetta Lewis New Member

    Yes,thats me :)

    It's so good to see you again Moria. I always did like your world Colony Alpha and I believe I have a few of it's objects in America now. Since you were there America has now grown to a p500 and is in the actual shape of America. You can click the America map and go to any point you click on. The area is there, but at this time I don't have Canada and Mexico entered, but hope to do so soon. Of course there have always been issues with dealing with VR and you have to balance the good with the bad. As you know, I own a galaxy and it just seemed the perfect place to do an online giant model RR. It is free and those who wish to can run a spur line and build a depot or farm or mine or whatever. I'm hoping you will come visit. At the present I have most of the RR equipment and rolling stock in one area and its a bit laggy, but I hoping that once its laid out that will disappear. NYGiants is going to help with some of the layout and Prince Jasper and NYXboy will be building the grand central station and part of the city. I'm hoping to build the docks and slums. From there I will be running track along the northern part of the world, encountering trestles, tunnels and varoius builds along the way. It would tickle me to death to see you get involved with this. Just think! Where else could you build a full size RR. LOL
  9. docsnavely

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    Sounds very interesting being a computer nerd and all :rolleyes: . I'll make sure to check it out when I get home. Please keep us updated on the progress as time goes by!:D


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