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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by 77railer, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. 77railer

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    Hello fellas,

    Its been awhile for some and even longer for others...havent been on in awhile. Who would have thought that teaching fourth grade would actually be work,lol. I love the new school. The admins are very supportive in everything that I want to do. They have even let me bring my snake in as a classroom pet. With a new school comes a new vision...here is what I have in mind this time. Our entire school is painted and centered around a medival theme...we are the Kingsbury Knights and the school is done up like a castle on the inside....I will have to take pictures to brag er I mean share with you guys. We have several options at the school for possible build sites. While I enjoy working with the mayewood kids in HO scale...and still have contact with that group...I was thinking about getting the entire school involved from K-5. Having said that Im thinking about doing an outside layout in G scale. I was thinking an engine and a couple cars would get things started nicely. We have tons of room at our school and the principal is a guy who would just die to find some constructive use for it. We have a court yard that would be suitable but the front of the school is landscaped and we could include the layout as part of the landscape or build an entire new site near the back. If we did it up front then every visitor would have the oppurtunity of seeing the trains run and would be a focal point for the school. I figure the kids especially the little ones would have an easier time contributing if the scale were larger. Im open to suggestions and eager to start on another project that uses trains to change the lives of little ones. Thanks for the support I have always recieved from the group....you truly are an awsome bunch of guys.

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    Excellent idea! I think the saying is "The littler the hands the bigger the train." For the real little ones, Playschool used to make large scale trains to run on G track. They used LGB running gear, but the bodies were made of heavy duty engineering plastic with no small details to break off.
  3. ausien

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    good one leroy, glad to see you back at playing, I mean working...
    I take it that surcurity is not a problem at your new school(vandels and the like) as you are thinking of a G scale, in the front garden.. cant offer you any advice in G scale, as I no blessed all about it... have a good one... steve
  4. Tileguy

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    Steve mentioned it but i'll mention it again. Outdoor RR may be a real invitation to vandals.Jr high kids may get a little upset with the kids having some fun with trains or some drunk high schoolers even.I would hate to see thier spirits get crushed due to a couple busy brats who spoil it for the rest.
    Seems every towns got a few and they strike when you least expect it.Might be a tempting target if left outdoors!!
  5. 77railer

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    We have an enclosed courtyard that Im also thinking about setting it up in. Going to have to see what G scale items we run across....right now we dont have anything. Could also do an O guage hanging from the cieling but I want there to be interaction with the kids...make it on there level. Any ideas out there from our global membership....Anyone got any old G items laying around....Im open to suggestions. Thanks again for everyone keeping tabs on us....

  6. 77railer

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    Spoke to Bachmann today and they are supposed to be sending us some stuff. Also spoke to aristrocraft and they said we could have a 60% discount. We have decidedto use the enclosed commons area. I will be taking pictures and getting dimensions this week for suggestions. I already have a fair idea of what I would like to accomplish. Several other faculty members would like to see a water feature in the garden area as well, so I am thinking of a large rock feature that will be a water fall which flows into a moat that surrounds that castle that the train goes thru. I would also like a tunnel thru the water feature for the train to travel under.

    In the mean time the librarian has caught wind of my love for trains and would like a railroad hanging from the cieling of the library. Im thinking of O gauge for this project and would like to find a used if not donated Reading Lines engine. If anyone would be interested in helping with this as well I would deeply appreciate it. Thanks gang...I appreciate your encouragment and will keep you updated.

  7. 77railer

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    Just wanted to give you guys an update...I spoke to Gargraves and they have agreed to supply us the track needed to suspend a railroad from the library. That should make the librarian happy. Tried getting in touch with Lionel today but failed to get anywhere with it. Gonna try Atlas O and Weaver for their reading lines. N Gauger has graciously agreed to donate the wire we will need for the outdoor G layout as well as a few G scale cars. Thanks Mikey.....You da man. More to come later....gotta find a suspension system.


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