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Discussion in 'On30 Forum' started by Cascade Man, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Cascade Man

    Cascade Man New Member

    Hey everyone! Thanks for all your help and tips on my last thread. I was curious if anyone wanted to post photos of their mining layouts on this thread so we could swap ideas and show what we've built. I would love to see what others have built :thumb:

    Cascade Man
  2. Quarryman

    Quarryman Member

    Sludge Pit Mine.

    Hi Cascade Man.:wave::wave:
    I've just joined this forum, looks good.
    Here's some piccies of the Layout I've been working on.
    Can anyone guess the Heritage of the Mine Building?
    It's got an Auger feed screw mechanism in it which actually
    loads the V scips.....works great!!! :thumb::thumb:
    Cheers, Joe.

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  3. Quarryman

    Quarryman Member

    Sludge Pit Mine

    Just a few more Piccies :cool::cool:

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  4. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Very impressive; here is my On30 Mini "for sharing"

    Hi Quarryman,

    That is a very impressive mini layout in On30. I love the colors of your scenery blending in nicely with the backdrop.

    Since I have an On30 mini I thought I would show you a few "piccies" (Is this a term from where you live? I have never heard it before.).

    This is my On30 sugar cane hauler set in 1920 Haiti. While not hauling rocks it does use the similar small locomotives and small industrial cars to get the work done. On30 is a very nice scale to model in.

    Doc Tom:wave:

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  5. Quarryman

    Quarryman Member

  6. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Hi Joe,

    Thank you for the nice note. I had thought that maybe "piccies" came from the land down under.......now it is confirmed.

    I have been to the CANESIG website many times and thoroughly enjoyed it. It has many good ideas.

    I also love all the great On30 modeling done in your country......I am thinking of course about the Red Stag and Muskrat Ramble layouts and all the very nice layouts at the Australian Narrow Gauge Web-Exhibition Gallery site.

    Your layout is also very nice and would love to see more piccies including how the auger operates.

    Thanks for contributing to the fun of model railroading.

    Doc Tom:wave:
  7. Quarryman

    Quarryman Member

    Hi Tom, yeah, us Aussies are a weird lot, comes from hanging upside down all day, LOL...
    I'm gonna have to start a thread on the Mine, don't want to hijack someone else's thread.

    Cheers, Joe.
  8. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Hi Joe,

    Does water really boil backwards in those Australian Steam engines too?:rolleyes: LOL

    Looking forward to your new thread.

    If you want to read more about the Haitian Sugar train mini layout it is at
    http://www.zealot.com/forum//showthread.php?t=166728 here on Zealot.

    "G'day mate (I think thats right???)
    Doc Tom:cool:
  9. <R>

    <R> New Member

    Quarryman - Nice work! Could you take some close ups of the auger mechanism you mentioned, or give some detailed info about it?

    I would love to set up a similar mechanism but I can't find much info on the net...

    Thanks :thumb:
  10. Quarryman

    Quarryman Member

    Hi there <R> :wave::wave:

    I'm gonna start a thread on the mine building as soon as I can take some more pics of the mechanical parts, just need some spare time to do it.

    Cheers, Joe.:mrgreen:
  11. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Looking forward to that as well.
    Doc Tom:mrgreen:
  12. <R>

    <R> New Member


    Thanks Quarryman
  13. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    I love the sludge pit mine, a very interesting building

    Bill Nelson

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