On Track, with Deano

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by UP SD40-2, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    Deano, you've done a great job on weathering that steamer. :thumb::thumb:

  2. Sarge_7

    Sarge_7 Member

    couldn't say it better myself:thumb::thumb:
  3. Nazgul

    Nazgul Active Member

    Deano......great job, my friend!:thumb::thumb::thumb:
    That's a lot of work there, and it was well worth it:winker:.
  4. steamhead

    steamhead Active Member

    Hey Steve....How ya' doing'...?? Nice to see you around here...!!
  5. viperman

    viperman Active Member

    Those last pictures I posted ARE of a former CNW loco, patched for the UP.
  6. viperman

    viperman Active Member

    The loco in the last couple pictures I posted IS a former CNW unit, patched by UP. Glad to see everyone enjoyed them!
  7. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    Thanks Guys!

    FIRST, WOW!!:eeki: , I am so GLAD to see two VERY CLOSE long time buddies Steve(Nazgal) & Kurt(CNW1961) have popped in!:mrgreen: cripes, i was about to send the dogs out looking for you guys:119: . THANK YOU BOTH, for the VERY KIND complements:smilie: .

    Wayne, nutbar, Gus & Sarge, THANK YOU guys for the VERY KIND words:smilie: . after i put the needed parts on the Y-3, decaled it, then painted & weathered it, i too am pretty pleased with it:twisted: , its probably my favorite steamer...at the moment:winki::mrgreen: . THANKS GUYS!:mrgreen:

    Lynn, no, i am sorry, Amtrak goes to Milwaukee after Chicago . Van Gailder bus service runs from the Amtrak station in Chicago to Beloit and Janesville though:winki::smilie: .

    Stopped at dads yesterday thinking i would finish up the track work to the two sidings, i was pleasantly surprised to find dad had it done:thumb: , he put the two sidings in, one for Forley & CO., and the one for the Dairy, AND put in a NICE SIZE caboose track, dad did an AWESOME JOB!:thumb::mrgreen: . He also figured out a way to make the engine holding track that i put some of my engines i keep there longer:thumb: , though it was filled right away with the space my Y-3 took up:119: . On the subject of dad, i want to say THANKS for the CNW 70's era waffle side boxcar he donated to me:mrgreen: , THANKS DAD!:thumb:

    With the changes in dads track plan completed, we lost the lumber yard:frowns: , but i noticed a space had opened up on the NEW section of mainline, my first thoughts, a place for a station for the very near by town:mrgreen: , i mentioned it to dad, and have one on the way this week:mrgreen: .

    i took a couple of pics of two CNW hoppers that were in pretty good shape yesterday:thumb: (pics below). there really was three, but the yellow one was so far ahead of us that we couldn't move fast enough to get a shot of it:frowns: . if i was still modeling the era of the present i would model these. these hoppers would be REAL EASY to make up, and would be a GREAT addition to ANYONE thats modeling a layout in the present:winki: . a little gray paint, weathering & an alphabet decal sheet, and you'd be done:thumb: . Notice the bar codes that was ever popular in the 70's:roller: are still on the sides of these cars:winki: .

    I have ordered the last couple items needed to finish off my GERN, i am really wanting to get it done, after its finished, my "current" layout will be completed:thumb: . i have about 15 or so freight car kits i have been putting off putting together & weathering:oops: , I'll probably start on them this week, i know they are not as great a projects as doing engines or buildings, but if theres any interest:confused: , I'll post them as i finish them:smilie: .

    Till next time...STAY ON TRACK!:smilie:

    :deano: -Deano
  8. steamhead

    steamhead Active Member

    Deano...Are you kiddin' us...?? Of course we'd like to see what your rolling stock is gonna look like...!!!

    Back to the Y3...In O. Winston Link's book "The Last Steam Railroad in America" there's a picture of a Y6 in the shop...Those low pressure cylinders up front are TALLER than a man, and the piston bore seems large enough for a man to crawl through....What awesome engines..!!
  9. Sarge_7

    Sarge_7 Member

    Deano, I went to a club open house and saw some UP stuff, thought you might be interested in.

    Oh, also while we were standing outside(my wife was buying me a Maxi-I set, man I love her:mrgreen:) A UP grain train went by. Of course I was to dumb to take the camera out of my pocket and get a picwall1





    These last two are when I was screwing around last night with a possibile track plan for my RG&S engine facility, and my new stack cars.


    The plaster piece is my diamond scale sanding, fueling, inspection pit:mrgreen:

  10. zachary

    zachary Member

    nice shots jim i really like those f units
  11. Sarge_7

    Sarge_7 Member

  12. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    Gus, THANKS!:mrgreen: , you are just to kind:smilie: .

    Jim, WOW!!!:eeki: , AWESOME PICS from the club:thumb: . WHOLLY SMOKES, i cant wait to see how your engine facility turns out:eeki::winki::mrgreen: .

    Charlie, THANK YOU for the link:thumb: , i read a couple other articles on there, AWESOME stuff!:thumb::thumb::thumb:

    ON MY SIDE OF THE TRACKS...off topic:119:
    well, I'm back:mrgreen: , what?, you didn't even know i was gone?:119: i upgraded my computer last week, what a nightmare that was:roller: , i have been down till late last night. i am NOT a fan of Vista:roller: , i really liked XP better, but i am getting used to Vista now:winki: .

    I now have Windows Vista 64-bit Home Premium with:
    AMD Phenom 9600 quad core processor
    8 gigs of RAM
    1025 gigs of hard drive space
    GeForce 8500 GT w/512 megs RAM graphics card
    Sound Blaster Live 5.0 surround sound card
    AND, a 24'' flat screen HD monitor:thumb::mrgreen: ...but i am STILL a dial-upper:eeki::oops::119: .

    Really, i have three hobbies:eeki: , but since we are a model RR website, i never mention the other two hobbies i have:toug: , don't worry, you'll see where i am going with this:winki: .

    First and foremost, i am a Model RR'er:mrgreen: , but i also play the Guitar, and have since i was about 12, this is good because it is a way my 14yr old son and i can bond since he has taken to playing the Guitar:thumb: . my third hobby is 3D modeling, here in lies the problems i had with my new computer not working right for about a week:madd: .

    Since i upgraded my computer, i figured i would upgrade my 3D modeling program, so i got Poser 7:thumb: , PROBLEM, that program was making the whole computer go wacky:frowns: , finally a buddy of mine at Renderosity.com(THANKS JOHN!:mrgreen: )told me to change the .ini open GL file in Poser 7 from "open GL 1" to "open GL 0", WOW!:eeki: after i did that, the whole computer started running better:thumb: , so anyways, I AM BACK!:mrgreen:

    NO modeling news really, since i had computer problems last week:roller: , except we got the station at dads up today:thumb: . now that everything is working good though, I'm back "On Track":thumb: and am looking forward to working on some freight cars & my Riverossi AC-12 this week:winki: .

    OH WAIT, i forgot to mention i got a Tsunami sound decoder for the Y-3, i gotta tell you folks i couldn't be more disappointed:eeki::frowns: , i thought they were supposed to be the best:roller: , cripes, it doesn't come with a quick plug, i gotta solder one on:roller: , it doesn't come with the speaker:roller: , luckily i have a few though:thumb: . for the amount of money you pay for the Tsunami, you would think they would be ready to go, NOT ready to put a bunch of work into:roller: . all is i can say is the sound better sound like some golden notes by the time i install it, because i could have put Loksound in it cheaper & quicker:winki: , I'll let you know how it is after i install it:thumb: .

    Till next time...STAY ON TRACK!:smilie:

    :deano: -Deano
  13. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    CHARLIE!:wav: , THANK YOU, SO MUCH!:smilie:

    Hey, DON'T make your decision yet on the sound decoder, the whole reason i went with the Tsunami was because i have Loksound in my F-E-F, and i am NOT real happy with it:cry: , and i have MRC Brilliance steam in my Intermountain AC-12, and i am not impressed with that either:roller: . just let me put the Tsunami in, and I'll let you know what i think:winki: . I'll take pics of every step, in hopes it might help some others:thumb: .

    FOR ME, and i did say: ME, I like MRC Brilliance and Loksound for diesels:winki: , but i haven't been impressed with their steam sound decoders. i will say though, the MRC sound decoders that came factory in my Big Boy & Challengers DOES sound GREAT though:thumb: .

    BTW, i would love to see a pic of your Y3:mrgreen: , PLEASE post one when you can:winki: .

    :deano: -Deano
  14. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    WHOLLY SMOKES CHARLIE:eeki: , THATS SLAP AWESOME!!!:thumb::thumb::thumb: THANKS for posting it!:mrgreen:

    hey Charlie, really, the only thing i didn't like about the Loksound steam sound decoder was the fact that the whistle is REALLY low sounding, even with the CV's adjusted all the way up:frowns: . the funny thing is, ALL the other sounds are quite loud enough, just not the whistle.

    :deano: -Deano
  15. viperman

    viperman Active Member

    Deano, good to hear you got the computer problems fixed. I myself went through that not long ago. Long story short, I now have 2 comps when I used to only have 1.

    Anyway, pm me about what kind of 3d modelling you do.

    Any pics of the station up at dad's house?
  16. zachary

    zachary Member

    Hey deano its good to hear from you again i myself am still in the planing stage i would like to know what type of music you play i have been playing for about six years now and i am most likely going to purchase a full out electric guitar for the first time just wanted to say hey till next time zachary flowe
  17. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    Yeah, Charlie, I think his hours at work have been temporarily increased. :-D

  18. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    I'M HERE!:mrgreen: , and have been here, just not as much:oops: , Wayne is 100% correct:thumb: , it seems to be a trend, the last week or two of the month comes around, and the hours go up:roller: , should be back to normal hours on Monday though.

    Last Saturday i planned on railfanning and posting the pics, sadly it didn't work out. the bad thing about working the longer hours is my modeling time dwindles down to nothing:frowns: , and by the time i get my nightly routine done and get on here, i am feeling pretty "blah:frowns: ", so i end up checking things out, but not posting much.

    i really want to work on the Tsunami and take pics of the setup and installing it in my Y3(and about 5000 other projects:119: ), that and if i am lucky, some railfanning pics should show up HERE next week:twisted: .

    no need to worry about anything bad on my end here, dad(rrol61) would post anything like that on here:winki: , but THANK YOU for asking Charlie, it made my night to see someone was checking, THANKS!:smilie:

    well, i was checking in, 4 hours till work:roller: , time to go. Things will be back to normal soon...:deano: -Deano
  19. cn nutbar

    cn nutbar Member

    hi Deano---good to hear from you and glad all is well---I think we all fall into that "all work and no fun routine" once in a while---lucky for me I took a week off to try to get my yard in shape,but we have a cold front rolling through so I've had some time to play in the train room and take a few pictures which I posted ---looking forward to your return to action---take care,nutbar
  20. viperman

    viperman Active Member

    Deano, good to hear from you, I was wondering about your absence too

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