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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Ltaylorga, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. Ltaylorga

    Ltaylorga New Member

    My husband has some old wooden models that he is trying to decide to keep or sell. He can't find any of these still made with these model numbers. Any information would be appreciated if you are familiar with them.

    4 x Campbell: Country Barn, Mine head frame, Stock yard, and produce shed (NEVER assembled, all parts included with instructions in orginal box)
    1 x Quality Craft Model: Coal Car (partially assembled, all parts included with instructions, in original box)
    4 x E.SUYDAM & Co: Lumber Yard rack & office, Lumber company store, Roundhouse, and 3 track interurban car barn.
    1 x Muir Modesl Inc: Allegheny Coal Tipple
    1 x Jordan Products: 1925 Ford Mail Truck (H.O. Scale)

  2. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    I know that Suydam has been gone for a long time. I have a partly finished Car barn.
    I think Campbell and Quality Craft are also out of business but I'm not sure.
    Muir models I don't know.
    Jordan might still be around.
  3. Ltaylorga

    Ltaylorga New Member

    Any idea what they'd be worth if sold?
  4. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Sorry, no idea.
  5. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    Campbell's scale models

    Campbells scale models is still with us. , although Some of the individual building kits may not be available.

    I believe the new owner may be retooling and reintroducing the kits with laser cut, instead of die cut wood.

    The Cambell kits were top of the line, and with some care build up into very nice buildings, I have one on my railroad that I found unbuilt in my mom's stuff after she passed away. Cambell kits were never cheap, and the ones in the current Walther's catalog

    mine head frame 49.57 produce shed 82.50 these are very nice kits, but I wouldn't part with thak kind of money for them.

    Lots of milled sugar pine parts, I love them just for the smell of the un built kit.

    The sydam kits are largely made with press board, and are not as nice, or as expensive as the . they did make some metal buildings, too those were tricky to build and the corrugations were over scale size.

    Bill Nelson
  6. CNJ999

    CNJ999 Member

    As already indicated, Campbell Models is still operating. Suydam is today known as Alpine Division Scale Models. I do not believe that Muir has any currently existing counterpart. All these are considered "craftsman" model kits intended for the more advanced model railroader.

    New, these kits are moderately expensive, but are no longer popular with most hobbyists. It is a generally held opinion that they are rather overpriced today compared with the more modern craftsman kits selling for only somewhat more.

    Probably the best guide to the current value of such kits would be their asking and selling prices on eBay, as I would regard the current catalog prices as rather out of line.

  7. Ltaylorga

    Ltaylorga New Member

    I ended up putting them on ebay. They ended with $107.50 for all of them, not too bad I guess.

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