OK everyone, i need some suggestions please!

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  1. Well, the time has come to decide on a name for my free lanced short line railroad. I want to use the initials of my 4 children which are the following: M M B R. My layout is based loosely on the Santa Fe sometime in the 1970's. Can someone help me come up with some sort of name?:confused:
  2. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    What is the locale of your line? Sante Fe convered quite a bit of ground... And what is the focus? Is it a shortline? Belt line? Class 1? Class 2?

    Some generic ideas for the initials include:

    B - belt (line)
    R - Radial (although this is more for circa 1920s communter lines); range
    M - "mid-" something; mountain

  3. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    Midland Region Manufacturer's Belt Line

    Manufacturer's & Midland Regional Belt

    Black Mesa & Raton Mountain

    If you can nail down your road's location to a more specific area, you could probably come up with some more suitable names. I looked for a AT&SF system map, but drew a blank.

  4. I like the "Black Mesa" part.

    Black Mesa Research Motive? (Half-Life reference!)

    Midland, Mount Baker and Rotary? (lol)

  5. Triplex

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    I like this one. Very distinctly western; sounds like a possible ATSF subsidiary.
  6. Me too triplex, i think i may need to do a poll and see what everyone else thinks. BTW, how do i set up a poll?:cry:
  7. doctorwayne

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    Just click on "Thread Tools" at the top of the page.
    As I said earlier, though, it would probably generate a lot more suggestions if you could narrow down the area of the prototype on which you'd like to base your layout.

  8. Thanks Wayne, i am modeling the route from Gallup to New Mexico if that helps.:wave:
  9. Sorry, i meant Gallup to South Garcia in New Mexico.....been a long day!wall1
  10. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    Hmmm. :confused: I found Gallup, but not South Garcia. If you have a map of the area, just search for names that start with the appropriate letters, make a list for each letter, then pick out the ones that you like best and try them in various orders.
    As an alternative, you could call the railroad by any name that you like, then honour your children by naming industries for them.

  11. sgtcarl

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    Gee, I've been thinking about modeling a Santa Fe layout from Williams to Ashfork. There ain't much scenery to have to worry about! lol The real challenge will be getting all the deserts' colors right.
  12. 90MACII

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    Bear mountain and mesa regional.
  13. logicman

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    Mojave Mountain & Barstow Railroad ?

    Mojave Mountain & Black Rock ?

    The great thing about modelling is - you can put logging or mining in a national park, and happily lay tracks along route 66 without a peep of protest from rentamob.

  14. Packers#1

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    using wikipedia, here's the name:
    The Bayard, Roswell, Montezuma, & Midland Railway (BRM&M RWY)
    Bayard, Roswell, and Montezuma are in New Mexico, and Midland is in Texas.
    Can be substituted for other towns, etc.

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