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    :thumb: I will have to give Bachmann a big thumbs up! Before I retired I tried to buy as much as I could for this hobby and kept putting it on the shelf till the time to use. One of my first buys was a Mikado which had always been my favorite loco. I purchased the undecorated one and placed custommade decals on the engine and loco. I placed it back in the box and stored it, it was 2 to 3 yrs. before I got it out to test run it. When placed on the track it wobbled like a kids broken toy, I kept trying to get it to run smooth but after a long period of time laid it aside till I was in a better mood. Getting it out later and trying again I figured it was out of quarter, after some questions on the net I learned how to do this. Well, when first done it ran like a clock a few laps and then would start to wobble again so I figured the whells were slipping on the axles. So I quartered it again and put acc on the axles in hope it would hold but that failed also. Angered I put it back in box and forgot it till a few days ago. I got it out and wondered why such a strong handsome looking engine wouldn't do what I expected. So I decided to send it back to Bachmann with a check and see it they could save it.
    I sent it off and a couple of days later got a call from Tom Maffot of Bachmann's repair shop. Wow, I thought, so soon? Well like an expecting father I got nervous as hell when he told me it was junk, can't be fixed by us and we don't make it any longer and that it was an OLD loco. Huh, I stuttered. He said however he could replace it with another type engine. Well, we got into a long conversation that lasted probably 45 minutes. He was a very understanding man and very friendly. He even explained how he got such a great job as he was retired also and 67 years old and only lived a block from Bachmann. He was a happy dude. He stated he could replace it with a northern 4-8-4 if it was OK with me. And I said I guess it would be fine but sure did like that Mikado. I ask also if there was anyway us dummies could tell from new ones and the older ones. He said that for us not to buy any that is in the cardboard box but the ones in the plastic cases instead. Hell I thought they were the more exspensive one's. He said oh no, that is all we use now for packageing. He said also the Daylights are the most frequent returns and to run into the other direction if I see one. (don't tell Bachmann this) We talked of other hobbies, jobs, cars and such and had a wonderful time. Thanks so much Tom. Well today the beauty came and I was shocked when I pulled that long package out of the mailbox, the case is a foot long and boy it is sharp. He test ran it for me and lubed it so it is ready for operation. The first thing I did was removed the decal on the tender and redecaled it for the WC & T. The decals are still drying or I would show you a picture of my new pride and joy. I just wish I would have asked if I could have bought back my Mikado to make a static model of it. (imagine there trash ben in the back!!!)
    What did I learn, buy only the newer models (get learned as to what is old like the cardboard box) Test it before if possible at the hobby shop or as soon as you get it home, fill out the warrenty card if all is well, send it back to Bachmann right now if not (for free) It made me believe that there are still some great companies in the business and they will go out of there way to help. They will get more of my business. He also told me one of their best engines and I told him I already had it (made me feel good) but I sure do miss that Mikado. Thumbs up Bachmann. This is old Mikadoless Jim saying 'BUY BACHMANN' :thumb: :thumb:
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    A great story Jim. Puts one's faith back in people and companies. I'm sure he didn't do anything that Bachmann wouldn't approve of which says a lot. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Bachmann is about as respected a name as Tyco, which is a shame. Some of their newer offerings are darn nice, and the Spectrum line reportedly runs quite well. I've been reluctant to take the risk with them, even with some recent good reviews, but your experience certainly helps that.
    This hobby needs more good choices, and I hope Bachmann continues down this path so we can all benefit.

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