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  1. I am working with some strip wood kits, building 72' Mt. Vernon style flatcars. I want to add some rivets for details. Any out there have a good way of making rows of rivets on a wood kit?
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    You can create rivets by applying an embossed paper strip over the wood, or, use a fine tip applicator, and epoxy resin, one rivet at a time.
    Maybe someone else has a better idea.
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    Are these kits for contest puposes or for running on your railroad?
    I sat beside one master modeller who was scratch building a plastic car and was drilling a line of holes, putting in the tiniest plastic rod, and cutting it off just above the surface.
    I think Grandt line used to make castings ... or were those nut+bolt+washer?
    Tradition was to run a clock gear along a thin strip of ?? and then glue that on. You can emboss the rivets on plastic and then carefully cut the head off and glue it on. (You were planning on spending 200 hours detailing this for the contest, no?)
  4. one drop at a time

    that sounds like a good way of going......thanks for the insite guys, going to try to work with that and see what i can do.....

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    if you have acess to old mr there are at least two articles on bulding rivet machines june of 68 and october of 79.
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    I would recommend a table and drill press for uniform placement of your drilling. Micro Mark sells what you need item#60643 if not they sell a table you mount and dial in rivet placement for accuracy. Check this link www.micromark.com . Hope this helps


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