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    Been a while since I posted anything here and while looking for some info on the kyogle loop I stumbled across this website http://www.nswrail.net/lines/nsw-map.php which is about our state government railways

    Best part about it it has many photos taken by local/ enthusists etc on it, including many old and closed branchlines

    not all info on it is 100% correct (eg byron line is listed as still running freight- as I live here I can say without a doubt there hasnt been a train on those lines in around 3 years)

    black lines are gone (some buildings,bridges etc remain- or at least their remains remain)
    red lines are closed but are `fairly' intact- could reopen but imho thats very unlikely
    green lines are operational

    its a shame that not more photographic evidence remains as many older stations etc have been destroyed by time and development
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    NSWrail.net | Ballina Railway Station

    The bridge in the bottom photo is very well known to me- its about 2 blocks away from where I live and was where we kids went diving when we were younger.

    Its a shame that now the actual location of the station is now unknown- reports have it in 3 diferent locations, none of which line up with the bridge (approx 1 km away), and all physical traces of it have completely disappeared :-(

    The Bangalow station NSWrail.net | Bangalow Railway Station which on the website is shown looking very run down and overgrown, is now fairly clean looking- altho it remains closed, the locals detested the looks of it(as its visible from the main street) and so cleaned it up a bit, including trimming trees and a slap of paint over the building

    funnily enough they got in trouble with the SRA for doing so as it remains government property and as such they arent allowed to do that!( despite as the pictures show it was heavily overgrown and decrepid)
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