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  1. CP9300

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    Not many know that Norfolk Southern runs in Ontario (reason for this board post). 4 Daily trains, 327/8 343/4 run from Buffalo and Detroit respectfully to St Thomas Ontario.

    Here is 328 ready to head for Southwold yard to pick up the cars, and head for Buffalo.


  2. DaveCN5623

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    NS stands for NO SH*TTERS [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. DaveCN5623

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    I spotted this NS unit at Flint Jon
  4. CP_milwaukee

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    Nice pics Jon and Dave!

  5. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    A perfect close up Jon. A good picture too Dave. My friend Vincent Mariner models the NS system on his HO layout. It is many years since I lived in St. Thomas and in those days the C&O was in action.
  6. George

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    Is the NS running over the old New York Central trackage, or the C&O's?

    Perhaps they could paint those ugly things into CN colours while they're stopped at the border? [​IMG]

  7. CP9300

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    For George,

    343/344 run this route through Ontario

    Detroit River Tunnel, CN CASO Sub, CSX Sarnia Sub to Chatham, CN Chatham sub to Glencoe, Paynes Sub Glencoe to St Thomas.

    327/328 have this routing

    CN Talbot Sub (former London and Port Stanley Railway) to London, CN Dundas Sub London to Bayview, CN Gimsby sub to Buffalo.


    C&O is gone from St Thomas, and CASO is just about a glorified Spur now [​IMG]
  8. George

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    The Detroit River Tunnel is now CN, but it was built by Michigan Southern? It became New York Central/Penn Central/CR....

    Am I thinking of the right place? What's the heritage of the tunnel?

  9. DaveCN5623

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    I am not sure about the tunnel in Detroit , I only see the one at Sarnia - Port Huron .
  10. D&H7312

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  11. George

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    Looks like the cored out the right bore for double stacks. I wonder how they reinforced it?

  12. Matthyro

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    That picture of the tunnel entrance gives me an idea for my model railroad. It could make the railroad look like it's going on forever but could be used as an interchange or a staging area. Thanks for posting it D&H7312.

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  13. Chessie6459

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    Jon Nice Photo
  14. spitfire

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    I'm glad to hear they running respectfully over our Canadian rails. Nothin' worse than a disrespectful train!! :D :D

    btw - nice pic!

  15. NS/PCfan

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    That is one heck of a nice close up picture of that Dash 9. I almost drooled when i saw the pic of it. Its common for the NS to run in Ontario, since they got part of the old NYC.

    Go NS!!!!!!!!

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