now, im annoyed

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    hello zealot
    since this morning, i have been balancing my school life with the internet. the internet is a wonderful thing, except there are just a few cons.
    when a certain modeler was searching paper model guns, he either found
    a bunch of useless spam
    exact same threads, posts, whatevers, posted over multiple sites by completeley different users
    now this certain someone is very annoyed
    i cant find a decent pistol anywhere on this piece of spam internet!
    seen realy good guns of 1:1 scale, but they are on random show things,
    plz, plz oh dear god PLZ!if anyone knows where a guy could get a nice, simple looking pistol/rifle that has a removeable magazine,
    pm me, answer this thread email me, just help me find a gun!

    love zwave

    ps lator:cool:
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    Hey zwave, we've all been there. You will find as you gain more experience, how to form phrases to find what your looking for. If you can develop the boolean expressions to remedy this problem, you could become a Billionaire! If you follow the link below, you will find out what happens if you get it right. :) am read shuffle time 5,4,3,2,1, I've been awake for 9 hours and...................

    (link to mp3 file of FireSign Theater, Dr. Memory)
  5. zwave343

    zwave343 the human lazor

    thank you

    thank you guys. just the amount of spam about some of the guns in that blog on other blogs was really annoying me.
    liked that scar on paper replika
    thank you zealot, youve done it again!

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