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    Six years ago in my home town somone beat a 20 year old girl to death while trying to steal the money in the till at the State Park in town they had found a watch that they thought he had dropped The matched up his DNA with that on the watch and found that he was in the state pen in the next state 30 miles away and was suposed to be releced Tommorow being Wensday. Six years in a small town not knowing what happened to one of our own young people is finally coming to a end and we can finaly put her to rest !!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks be to God
  2. TruckLover

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    That is some great news, finally getting what he was asking for
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    hah,criminals never get away.justice alweays prevails.but what they should do is let him go for like 2 hours and then arrest him AGAIN,can you imagine what hes thinking then!--josh
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    Wow! The timing of that is amazing. I'm glad the case has been resolved.

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