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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Runs With Bears, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. Hello all, this is my first post on this forum :) . I have been a long time observer of The Gauge but for some reason never joined... Well i finally decided to take the initiative to build my very own layout after the pictures of some of the great layouts on this forum were not as fulfilling... (not that they arnt great to look at!). So i have -roughly- a 6x14 area to work with and would like some help on designing a layout... of course :rolleyes: . I cannot use all of the area mainly because of reach issues and i need somewhere to walk by.

    I would like to model a small branchline in HO that runs between two or more towns with small freight and goods and also have a moderately sized coal mine somewere. For the coal mine i found a structure that looked interesting enough to be suitable (the Idaho Springs Mine by Campbell Scale Models) and i may attempt to scratchbuild it... I am very interested in the early Gorre and Daphetid railroad and would like to keep it in the style of that ever so famous line. I will mostly be running small trains from the early 1900s -sorry no diesel- so the minimum radius does not have to be very big. I would like to incorporate a small roundhouse somewhere within the layout too. Some interesting switching and operations would be nice on the layout, but nothing incredibly complex. One continuos loop of running will also be nice. and a small staging yard could be incorperated underneth, but i do not want to have two stories because I dont like the look as much and i have close to no room.. Also if it helps, I want to model a very mountanous region.. like Colorado.. so a big mountain or two are a must.

    Hopefully you guys out there can give me some help and please ask for any needed information.. I also will try to upload a ROUGH diagram of the area i have to work with and some possible plans i have come up with =)

  2. Here is the layout area if it worked!

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    With sharp curves, an "E" shaped layout is probably your best overall plan. Turnback loops in the lower corners; the access from the 'bottom" side will make them practical. A line along the top wall will bulge out into the center of your space.

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