Not adhereing to standards? I've done it again....

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Woodie, Apr 25, 2002.

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    This time it's platform height/clearance from the track.
    My brand new pride and joy (3801 from "off to the shops" thread) won't go round my layout. Yep.... and I bent the standards again.

    This time it was to do with platform height and clearance.
    My 3801 must be widest piece of loco/stock I have, and it wont go past the platform (either side).

    I did know/look at the NMRA standard, when I built the station platform, however I thought it was a "bit unrealistic" to have it that far from the track, so I built it a "little wee tad" closer to the track, (bout 2mm or 1/16") using my existing, at the time, stock as tests to check for clearance.

    The steam loco pushrod mechanism on the 3801 catches on the platform edge and jams there. :mad: :(
    luckily I made the platform out of balsawood, with an overhang (that is typical of Australian platforms) and I was able to shave about 1mm (1/25") off the platform edge. If I needed to shave another 1mm off, then I'd have to pull the platform down. Lucky, I suppose, I'd built it with that overhang.

    Standards..... They aren't invented for nothing, I suppose.
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    There's a story about Hornby-Dublo getting a complaint that the contact arm on the mail car was hitting the switch machine housing.
    Hornby replied that his track must be out of alignment because the arm was designed to miss the housing by 1/32 of an inch.

    Is 3801 the locomotive (or class) that was in the film A Steam Train Passes? We used to see that a lot a train shows and such; I think there was a copy in the library that got borrowed.
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    Re: Clearances

    I dunno. Can't say I've heard of the film, but if it was Australian, based around Sydney, then yep. It probably is. 3801 does regular tourist trips (all day, every Wednesday) out of Sydney. It's probably Sydney's highest profile preserved steam loco. I''ll do a bit of research. BTW 38 is the class, 01 is the number, hence 3801. (I think)......
  4. Woodie

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    "A Steam Train Passes"....... yep! :cool:
    It's 3801 in the movie. I should read a bit when I find pics on the net....... the pic I used (this one)[​IMG]
    came from here and has the following caption: "3801 hovers at the level crossing at Georges Plains, as if to move off. Rehearsals are in full swing for the famous Film Australia Documentary "A Steam Train Passes". NSW, Australia, 1435mm (4ft 8½in) 4 July, 1974"


    It was shot in late June / early July 1974. The director of potography was Dean Semler. Apparently, quite a controversial film at the time, due to "steam bans" because of fire risk or something. Will do some more research. (and try and get a copy).

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